Vos to face secession-friendly conservative in primary

Oh myyyyy! [said in a George Takei voice]

Will Robin Vos try to be more outrageous than his challenger? Or stay the course? In his case “the course” was and is already dangerously close to the fringe.

You may remember Robin Vos from his refusal to hold a hearing on non-partisan redistricting or from his more nefarious role: prodding Republican legislators to sign pacts to keep the redistricting maps and process a secret.

Or perhaps you remember that he tried to take UW Madison affiliation away from the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism (a move many assumed was payack after WCIJ let it slip about Prosser’s attack on a female colleague).

Or perhaps for you Robin Vos is that guy who lied about a UW-System “surplus” in 2013 so the cutting knife could be aimed at our system of higher education.

What a vile legacy.

It will be interesting to see how much political and financial support Bryn Biemeck can draw up and from whom. Surely Vos’ reptilian personality has created ill will on his side of the aisle.

From Mount Pleasant Republican to run against Speaker Vos:

Mount Pleasant Republican to run against Speaker Vos   Local election news

Her primary issue is the Common Core education standards and eliminating them in Wisconsin, saying Republicans could have done more on that with its majority in the Legislature.

She said her opposition to Common Core is part of her strong support of states’ rights, also mentioning a secession resolution scheduled to be taken up at the state Republican Party convention as something she supports. The resolution “supports legislation that upholds Wisconsin’s right, under extreme circumstances, to secede,” according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Biemeck believes in “approaching states’ rights (with) that attitude.”

“Ideally, Wisconsin should govern itself and should make its own decisions about its people,” Biemeck said.


The Wisconsin GOP will take up its resolution to allow this state to secede more easily from the union of United States in May.

Vos serves Wisconsin’s 63rd Assembly District which includes the communities of Rochester, Burlington, Town of Burlington, Yorkville, Dover, Union Grove, Mount Pleasant, and Sturtevant.

Here’s Bryn Biemeck’s campaign web site.


2 thoughts on “Vos to face secession-friendly conservative in primary

  1. How to read this development…does it mean that even a loyal, vile, and slavering foot-soldier isn’t safe from the radical, libertarian fringe; or is this challenge an golden opportunity for Vos to seem moderate?

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