Brett Hulsey has entered the Wisconsin Gubernatorial race. A few thoughts on that.


His formal announcement [PDF].

Just a few points. 

1) This is a problem for Team Burke but possibly a beneficial one. Certainly it’s an interesting one (And oh hell but we do need something interesting right now). Mary Burke does need more name recognition. If Hulsey breathes new life into the Dem. Party side of the equation, it also can shed extra light on the Mary Burke name and Burke’s ideas.

2) If you’ve been a watcher of politics the last few years you know Brett Hulsey had some awkward stories in the news. You know some protesters loathe him for helping clear out the Capitol occupation. Is that going to be distracting fodder? This really depends upon the press and how Hulsey, and Burke, and the right wing plays on that.

3) Hulsey probably has a better chance of getting hit by lightning in April than of winning this primary.

4) Hulsey has announced he is not running for his westside-Madison Assembly seat again. This leaves that field more open to Lisa Subeck.

5) Hulsey always says stuff that isn’t tested by a focus group (*gasp!*). If you want to dismiss that, call it loopy. If you want to embrace it, call it being a human being. For example, Burke has made very cautious statements about mining – so cautious that there’s not much THERE there. Meanwhile Hulsey has talked about mining and environmental issues for forever because that’s his thing.

Who knows how exactly this plays out. But isn’t that why we get into campaigns?

Again, here is Hulsey’s campaign announcement press release.

Do you have thoughts on this development? Leave ’em in the comment zone.


6 thoughts on “Brett Hulsey has entered the Wisconsin Gubernatorial race. A few thoughts on that.

  1. Hulsey made comments when announcing his canidacy that displayed him for the low class knuckeldragger that he is. We’ve already got one of those in the gov’s office (part time). We don’t need another.

  2. Team Burke has not yet demonstrated the imagination to come up with such an extremely righteous and easy to understand populist message. Fire Zepecki/ Zellner and fire the Democratic Party leadership and get on with a campaign. Hulsey has perfectly voiced what should be the backbone message of the Democratic platform (unavoidable reality, oxymoronic phrasing there, Dems/backbone).

    Nichols with Sly last week, (paraphrasing) no Democrat from top to bottom is going to win running from the middle.

    04/18/14 program:!

  3. A primary challenge is an opportunity for Burke to step up her game. This is good. And a rebuke to the DPW for violating their own bylaws by endorsing a candidate prior to said primary. Looking forward to how this plays out.

  4. Are the ” awkward ” stories going to make distracting fodder? He terrified an aide with a box cutter, for Jesus H Christ’s sake. That’s a couple notches on the other side of awkward.

  5. “Electing pro-conservation candidates to office is so critical to protecting Wisconsin’s natural resources, you might say that Election Day is the other Earth Day. We are very pleased to kick off this Earth Week by announcing our support for a superb, pro-conservation candidate – Mary Burke for Governor!” – Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

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