Dear Oligarchs and Oligarch Worshippers: Stop with the part-time Wisconsin legislature talk.

Image Credit: James Morley

I can’t believe this “let’s have a part-time legislature” talk continues in Wisconsin. Really?

But of course Kent Wainscott of WISN is happy to do his best to drum up some press on this. You may remember Kent “80 signatures” Wainscott from his successful smear on the recall.*

I expect Wainscott to do a hit job like this. But Sheldon Wasserman wants legislators to be paid a part-time wage?:

“It really is a part-time job,” said Sheldon Wasserman, who served 14 years in the state Legislature. During that time, Wasserman also maintained a full-time medical practice in Milwaukee.

This is un-frigging-believable. Did everybody decide that Oligarchs really do know best?

Dearest Dr. Wasserman: Your privilege is showing. Most working people can not shove off their duties onto somebody else or rearrange all of their responsibilities so they can be in Madison in the Capitol for weeks. It’s terribly nice that somebody with your sort of professional “practice” can but apparently all those little people who work an hourly wage can go fuck themselves in your opinion.

Dearest Readers: We can not bitch about politics being for only the monied class and then turn around and make the job of representing you – us –  something that only the monied class can afford to do. Because only the monied upper crust has the spare time and flexible schedule to accomplish creating the APPEARANCE of serving you in “their spare time”.

Assuming a legislator actually gives a rip about constituents, there is more than enough to do with and for them to fill up an 80 hour workweek as ANYBODY WHO HAS WORKED DIRECTLY WITH THE PUBLIC UNDERSTANDS

(I’m looking at you social workers, teachers, librarians, police officers, and others who truly serve the public at the frontline).


I’m with Wisconsin Soapbox on this:

“I want my legislator to be a full-time employee, member of the Wisconsin Retirement System, having health insurance provided if need be, and have the job be something people desire to aspire to. Not just something that a millionaire does in his or her spare time.”

Read Wisconsin Soapbox’ full post HERE.

* Wainscott is the “reporter” who interviewed an anonymous man in December of 2011 in an unspecified location. The man claimed he signed the recall at least 80 times. In March of 2012, GAB reported that the guy didn’t sign the recall once [PDF document]. Take note that GAB maintained the man’s anonymity by not releasing his name in the report whilst all that honestly signed their signatures had their names released in databases. Oddly enough, when the press got confirmation that the guy lied, it came out as a mere whisper. Quite a contrast in amplification to the earlier fake 80 signature story which got parroted across all media outlets over and over again. I predict that this part-time legislature thing is yet another coordinated effort by the right wing and the media to undermine your state government.

Footnote: I’m already feeling ill form a bad cold and now this. I could just puke. Seriously.

Image of men in hats is from James Morley of flickr.


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