Walker woos Wall Streeters this week but they already have a crush on Clinton

I just read the Politico article, “Wall Street Republicans’ dark secret: Hillary Clinton 2016” in which we learn through over two dozen “sources say” interviews that the monied set find Hillary Clinton more pleasing than Paul Ryan or Rand Paul  – assuming Jeb Bush is not in the presidential running and Christie is out

As for Walker, he’s still on the fringes of the presidential game and of this article basically because he put himself there and he can’t get out (Despite last weekend’s Sunday New York Times puff piece. Nice try Monica Davey).

Though this article is chock full of Politico’s typical gossipy scuttlebutting I am uncharacteristically accepting it like it’s truth glinting in the sun as it majestically slices through bullshit. I owe you an explanation for that, reader. It’ll have to come in a next post. I ran outta time – but I have reasons.

Here is a telling quote from the piece:

“If it turns out to be Jeb versus Hillary we would love that and either outcome would be fine,” one top Republican-leaning Wall Street lawyer said over lunch in midtown Manhattan last week. “We could live with either one. Jeb versus Joe Biden would also be fine. It’s Rand Paul or Ted Cruz versus someone like Elizabeth Warren that would be everybody’s worst nightmare.”


Politico informs us that Walker is in New York this week holding meetings as ‘the “Wall Sreet primary” continues’.*

The article doesn’t say exactly why Scott Walker isn’t a strong contender with the Wall Streeters (bad polling? scandals waiting in the wings? dead carp charisma?).

It says that Walker is in an “unknown or untrusted” grouping of candidates along with Rubio and Kasich.

I’m betting that the “untrusted” thing emanates from his ideology. It’s his “public sector union pensions are like a virus” talk and the self-proclaimed unintimidation and the anti-big-government-big-union preening.

It’s his tweeting about Noah’s ark on a rainy day and polishing his bust of Reagan while nobody’s sure if he’s adopting affectations or offering faithful supplications to those who pray for armageddon.

But of all the worries Wall Streeters might have about Walker’s obstinate strangeness, their greatest concern has to be for his disregard for our state’s economy. Ideology only goes so far. Money pays the bills.

Walker unfeelingly rocked Wisconsin – and Her economy –  with an iceberg-size austerity agenda in 2011 as he stared out a window at throngs of protesters WITHOUT SEEING THEM. That should spook the golden-heeled.

shining a light

Wall Street is interested in a captain who steers a ship of state AWAY from icebergs, not toward them – especially right after right wing extremists shut down the federal government (which shut down the federal wallet). They do not like that. Coincidentally, we do not either

But our joint rejection of Walker is an accidental and an awkward alliance. To state the obvious, we are not Goldman Sachs.

Another enlightening snippet from that Politico piece:

Clinton, after all, was New York’s senator for eight years, where the financial district was a key constituency. She had many Wall Street rainmakers as advisers and friends. Her family has continued to work that network to try to stock the Clinton Foundation with a $250 million endowment before a presidential run. And she’s been out on the financial services speaking circuit, giving talks to Goldman Sachs and fireside-style chats with the heads of the Carlyle Group and the investment firm KKR.

Unlike Goldman Sachs and LIKE Walker we Americans might just throw a monkeywrench in the system(s) if we thought we could get what we wanted out of it – economy be damned! Problem is we’re not too big to jail.

But THAT is not on the table – not in the election of a president it isn’t, anyway.

Walker wooing Wall Street is about trying to convince the oligarchs he will keep capital flowing no matter the ideological banter – and that it is just banter. I doubt Wall Street is gonna buy it.

In the final analysis, at this early juncture, I still think the race comes down to whether a Bush enters this race or not. Because if Walker is rejected by Wall Street, and Jeb isn’t in the running, then Walker can go back to his standby for money and more:  line two. (see photo below)



For New York

Something for the New Yorkers who wanna say “Hi asshole!” to Scott or Paul when they’re in town:

Both Walker and Ryan will be in New York on May 13, Walker for an Republican National Committee fundraiser and Ryan for a reelection event hosted by a wide range of major donors, including hedge fund magnates Cliff Asness and Paul Singer and New York Jets owner Woody Johnson. Walker also will be holding meetings in New York this week as the “Wall Street primary”


*How truly pathetic. Wisconsinites might not know where their Governor was this week if it weren’t for Politico. Is there an international metric unit of “pathetic”? We need that to measure this stuff.


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