If only employees of the Kennesaw FedEx warehouse were carrying guns then…


Not a cheery story. I’m glad I can say my previous post was good news.

“A gunman carrying explosives burst into a Georgia FedEx facility Tuesday “like he was Rambo,” wounding six people – three critically, officials said.

The shooter blasted way with a shotgun as he burst into the 500,000-square-foot warehouse near Cobb County Airport in Kennesaw – a town with an ordinance requiring all residents to own a firearm.”

The story continues at NYDaily News

Every resident in the town of Kennesaw, Georgia must own a gun by city ordinance (so many questions. does the local constable come around and check the home for firearms? do they have publicly managed community firing range and training center?).

But they can’t carry their firearms on their person while they are working in the Kennesaw, Georgia FedEx warehouse. So that means they’re going to get shot? The answer is a big blame-the-victims “yes” –if you read some of the comments left behind by intellectually challenged gun nutters.

The last time we had our Very Serious Very Big Conversation About Guns the gun rights people said “we need better mental healthcare”.

Well OK. Who would say no to that? But meanwhile results show that 55% of psychiatrists do not accept private insurance and Medicare and Medicaid coverage is accepted at a lower rate by psychiatrists as opposed to regular doctors. – source

Frankly, healthcare in this post-Obamacare era doesn’t trickle down to everybody from the private industry that’s REALLY in charge of it. There are gaps.

So then what? Open carry for all the workers and mandated training? Is that easier to accomplish than providing mental healthcare for everybody? Yes.

That is just as NRA would have it.

How hideous.


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