Throttling: facebook’s big F U to anybody who isn’t a corporation

Image credit: Alan Levine

This is not the first article to draw our attention to facebook’s new tactic of promoting commercial activity above all else.

This is from Valleywag at Gawker:
“..even if an organization’s Page has 10,000 followers, any given item they post might only reach 100-200 of them. In the case of my organization, that ratio is already down from an average of nearly 20% in 2012 to less than 5% today—a 75% reduction.”

I was splitting my time between twitter, facebook, and this blog. And earlier – when we had an uprising on our hands here – I was also pumping out on YouTube and Tumblr.

Anyway, I’m thinking I’ll duplicate (or just move?) more of the mini-posts I usually put on facebook to this blog. Facebook isn’t working for regular old “content generators” anymore and it irks me.

Read the rest at, Facebook Is Throttling Nonprofits and Activists


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