KKK hood hand-out fizzled out

Candidate for Guv Brett Hulsey dressed up as a confederate soldier, went to the GOP convention in Milwaukee yesterday, and DID NOT hand out hoods to Republicans as he had promised to.

The boy who cried “KKK”.

The press showed up. (Of course.)

From WISN:
…eventually Hulsey admitted it was all a ploy to get attention.

“It was strictly to get you here,” Hulsey said.

The asshole-ish mainstream press never shows up for events organized by dozens of community groups but a side show like this? THEY ARE ON IT.

And under standard operating procedure the press ignored the list of bills Walker and the Teapublican legislature passed which Hulsey said attack “the rights and pay of minorities, women, and children”.

Check out this video from a non-journalist who seems enraged with Hulsey as he keeps asking, “Is Allen West a racist?” and “Is Allen West an ‘Uncle Tom’?”

If Hulsey had the balls to actually hand out the hoods and receive the beating he deserved, he would have escaped this somewhat redeemed.

Whatever. That’s quite an “if”.

Hulsey’s heart might be in the right place but his brain isn’t. It got dislocated by his ego.

What a fucking shit show.



One thought on “KKK hood hand-out fizzled out

  1. Not familiar with the story (being from the great state of Illinois) but weren’t the GOPers at their convention supposedly going to vote on the “right” of succession? If that’s the case, what kind of uniform was this guy ‘sposed to wear?

    “And under standard operating procedure the press ignored the list of bills…” — Yeah, I was wondering the same thing about this omission.

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