At Homeland Security event Yes Men announce U.S. will rely on 100% green energy by 2030. Then everybody dances.

yes men circle dance

“I think what it shows, this—the fact that we could get all these people that we think of as being from the dark side—and they are from the dark side—we could get all these people to dance in support of renewable energy, is that there are very few people who actually want the planet to be doomed. There are very few people who want us to continue on this fossil fuel path that’s leading us to doom. Even defense contractors, even Homeland Security contractors, everybody will follow. The only problem is that we have to lead. And we have to force our leaders to actually do what we need them to do, and then people will follow—except for a few oil company execs.” – Andy Bichlbaum, YES Men

This must-see video also features interview time with Gitz Crazyboy, an indigenous activist from Alberta, Canada.

Go to the Democracy Now page to see the transcript.

It’s interesting to contrast this Yes Men stunt with Brett Hulsey’s KKK hood stunt.

This renewable energy announcement invites all to unite under a positive message and come together – to celebrate.

Hulsey’s stunt attempted to force derision and division under a framework that nobody believed was genuine for a second.


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