Madison: “They’re building this stuff for Epic people”


That’s a phrase I’ve heard in some variation about 10 times now.
Is this really true?

The conversations go something like this.

1) Drive or walk by construction cranes in downtown Madison.
2) One person says, “What is all this building for?”
3) Other person replies, “It’s for all those Epic people.”
Then person #2 might attempt to describe Epic employees as young or having money or hip or wanting to party and be “where the action is” so they have to have apartments in downtown Madison and commute to Verona.

It seems like we’re trying to shrug our shoulders about it but we’re also uneasy with how much we don’t know about these developments, the pace of development, the changing character of our city, and so on.

If you want to look up a building site or just be shocked by how much is happening at once, try visiting Cap Times’ “The Changing Face of Madison“. It shows construction projects on a map and also lists other info there like type of building, cost to build, completion date, etc.

I’m curious to know more about who the developers are and how much taxpayer money was involved in setting all of this up.

Given the proposed subsidy of $60 million dollars on the Doyle Square project, I’m half expecting we’re subsidizing all the downtown development too.

downtown construction


One thought on “Madison: “They’re building this stuff for Epic people”

  1. I want to see how much parking the City of Madison is requiring developers to include in each of these downtown projects. I was appalled to learn that a new apartment complex proposed for West Wilson St. has NO parking spaces included in the project. The project was described as being developed for “students” who don’t have cars! How unrealistic! No property manager is going to turn down a prospective renter who is employed, has a nice salary and a great credit rating because they own a car. The future residents of this project who own a car will either scramble to find non-existent street parking or rent a parking space for over $140 a month.

    This apartment project is just down the street from the proposed Doyle Square project. The Doyle Square project will increase the number of people coming to this neighborhood to stay in the hotel or work, but the project does not substantially increase the number of parking spaces in order to provide adequate parking for this influx of people.

    It would be great if more people used public transit, but not everyone can make their lives fit into a bus schedule, especially if they are caring for small children or elderly parents. Developers must be required to include sufficient parking in their projects so that residents aren’t increasing the pressure on the limited street parking in downtown Madison.

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