MN legislator says if she votes for bill lightning will fry her “like a crispy critter”


I stopped by the excellent blog Bluestem Prairie today to check in on our neighbors to the west.

After I read “Handful of Minnesota Senate Republicans go berserk over woman veteran license plate bill” I clicked on the included video and I ran into this delightful hyperbole from Senator Carrie Ruud (R-District 10) at the 2 minute 5 second mark:

The embedded video is set-up to jump directly to Senator Ruud’s remarks

Many of you I know over and over have heard me speak of my mother because she was a very strong woman and a great role model for me my whole life

If I vote for this bill today, I know as sure as I stand here that through that light up there in the Capitol, there will be a lightning bolt that comes down and fries me to my seat like a crispy critter because my mom would be so embarrassed that we are even contemplating this bill.

My mother was a veteran. ..My mother wasn’t a “woman veteran”. She wasn’t a “man veteran”. She was a “veteran”.

My response:
1) She had a scary mom who can really fry her from the afterlife?
2) How did this woman get elected?
3) I don’t see what the big deal is about adding “Woman” in front of the word “Veteran” on a license plate in any state. (Unless there’s an absurd scheme I don’t know about – like the one in Wisconsin that uses “Choose Life” license plate money to fund abortion reeducation centers by routing fees to anti-gay Walker crony Julaine Appling).

Some of the MN legislators argue that the designation “Woman” is divisive. Hmm. I don’t see it. There are “Purple Heart” veterans. And “Veterans of Foreign Wars”. I’m not a military buff but I’ve picked up enough to know that not all veterans are interested in a monolithic one-word designation.

I suggest Minnesotans go to Bluestem Prairie to get the full story.

Incidentally, Wisconsin has a “Woman Veteran” license plate option already.

woman veteran license plate wisconsin

Here’s more info. on that from a April 05, 2012 Cap Times article:
Women veterans in all branches of the military can now display their pride on a license plate.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation announced in a news release on Thursday “Woman Veteran” license plates are available through the Division of Motor Vehicles.

The plate will use the standard format of the current veteran license plates in use in Wisconsin, with blue numbers on a red, white and blue background. “Wisconsin” will be at the top and “Woman Veteran” at the bottom. The veteran’s branch of the military will be shown on the left side.

The plates cost the standard $75 annual vehicle registration fee, plus $15 for the “Woman Veteran” designation and another $15 if the plate is personalized.

The $15 for veterans plates goes to the Veterans Trust Fund at the Department of Veterans Affairs.


One thought on “MN legislator says if she votes for bill lightning will fry her “like a crispy critter”

  1. Some women do not believe they have to be identified by their gender in order for their service to be recognized. A veteran is a veteran. Despite the funny hyperbole, which is how it was meant, she has a point. Do we want plates that say “Black Veteran,” “Asian Veteran,” and “Gay Veteran,” too? Why not just “veteran?” Also, the hyperbole is obvious and does not need to be ridiculed–how many of us common folk have said something similar just to be funny? I call this “non-news.”

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