Fresh hot John Doe Club For Corruption links

I’m in the garden tonight and time is brief. So here are helpful links.

1) The best rundown I’ve seen of dramatic John Doe developments is at MalContends – Judge Rudolph Randa Declares District Attorneys’ Argument Frivolous

2) How Biskupic and Randa once collaborated to destroy a person’s life using evidence one judge called “beyond thin”:

Wikipedia’s entry on Georgia Thompson

3) The wife of one of Walker’s attorneys is working in Judge Randa’s office. Yes. It is a big deal.

See The Nation where you will find this:

Donald Downs, a professor of political science and law at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, said that while no clear code of conduct was broken, the question of whether Randa ever discussed the case with his judicial assistant—who would almost surely have intimate knowledge of it—was notable.

“[Randa] is not supposed to have any information that would come from another party, outside of what he’s been presented with in the case,” said Downs. “This could have happened here, but if Randa is smart, he would not have talked to her about any of the case.”

“I don’t see a clear violation, but I do think it’s something the judge should have considered in the case,” Downs said.

What drives me nuts is that neither The Nation or Wisconsin State Journal included the sordid past of homeboys Biskupic and Randa in their articles!

Big tip of the cheesehat to Jeff Simpson for raising awareness initially about the Biskupic-Randa connection.


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