John Doe investigation into Scott Walker allies on hold again after new Randa stay

(current as of 12:22PM Central Time 05/08/2014)


And now for a third ruling on this case in 24 hours.

This time federal judge Rudolph Randa is blocking the John Doe investigation by ruling that the previous appeal was “frivolous”.

An injunction has again halted the investigation into illegal coordination of conservative 501(c)4 “issues” groups with Republican campaigns including Scott Walker’s campaign to keep his seat in 2012.

To read Randa’s latest decision in full go HERE.
Here is Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s brief article on that.

More Assessing of Guillotines and Gulags

Just out – and worth your time – is Brendan Fischer’s thorough criticism of Judge Randa’s “gulags and guillotines” stay from Tuesday.

Looks Like Conflict of Interest From Here

I’ve been emailing reporters asking them to look more deeply into the conflict of interest that exists in Judge Randa’s office – specifically that Walker attorney Steve Biskupic’s wife works in Randa’s office.

When one has knowledge that Biskupic and Randa once teamed up to imprison a political opponent on “beyond thin” evidence, I think we see why there is cause for alarm.

I got a formal response from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Dan Bice via email – which he gave me permission to share. I ask the reader to hear him out but ALSO consider that Bice WILL NOT take seriously this actual or perceived conflict of interest but he DID do a May 2012 article about a “Recall Walker” yard sign that John Doe investigator David Budde’s wife put in their front yard.

I still think he should review this.:

“We are aware that Steve Biskupic’s wife, Cary, is the judicial assistant for Judge Randa. Concerned that this might represent a conflict of interest, we have talked to several people knowledgeable about such matters, and they downplayed the significance.

If Cary Biskupic were the law clerk — an attorney assisting in the writing of opinions and orders — it would be a much more significant matter. As it stands, we will wait to see if the defendants raise the issue with the court.

We included the information on the Georgia Thompson case in today’s story. We also pointed out that the same three appellate judges who threw out that case — Wood, Bauer and Easterbrook — are overseeing this appeal. Check today’s story.”


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