Wisconsin Tater Tot Party


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I have some strong feelings on this, but they just went into draft mode because AGAIN we have just a glorious day for gardening out there.

Therefore I simply give you three things.
The news that one month before its own convention and seemingly against its own bylaws the Democratic Party higher-ups officially endorsed Mary Burke and John Lehman for Governor and Lt. Guv respectively. Candidates Brett Hulsey and Mary Jo Walters (and others. others? yes – others), as a consequence, will not be given speaking time at the convention and will not be up for a vote in front of party delegates.

2) Tom Neale’s facebook response:

“In keeping with the theme of TINA as the prom queen, the Tater Tots are only endorsing one party hack for Lt. governor. If you want choice go to the grocery store or the used car lot. Terrified of the Winter Rising and its kissing cousin, Occupy, the DP has tossed away any pretense of being anything but the oligarchs’ puppet show. So please vote blue every first Tuesday in November from now until the apocalypse; but those coats in your ideological closet, the ones labeled “liberal’ and “progressive”; you might want to take them to the thrift store.”

According to the Dem. Party’s own bylaws. the party can not endorse candidates unless there are “unusual circumstances”. In that case the circumstances can be submitted to the party’s Administrative Committee and then a specific candidate can be chosen for a “specific reason” with a 2/3 majority.

Image capture of relevant bylaw text from Constitution of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin:

specific circumstances



For the record, I am not formally affiliated with the Democratic Party, state or national. The closest I came was joining the party one year so I could go to a convention (2012, I believe). I am done with the Dems. I am simply an independent leftist from Wisconsin now. Please take note and unsubscribe or ignore this blog at will if tender sensibilities are made raw by the information. Some rainy day I’ll explain more about how I arrived at finally excommunicating myself from the Dems.



One thought on “Wisconsin Tater Tot Party

  1. I plopped down $10 a few years ago at a public event, hosted by the county D’s featuring Kathleen Vinehout months prior to Barrett entering the recall primary race, when the county chair at the last minute, with hundreds in attendance who were not D party members, stated that only paid party members would be allowed to ask questions of Sen Vinehout. At least 2-1 non-party members attended, I found out later. Big tent, welcoming, friendly, grass roots, the people’s party. NOT!

    My one and only official party membership as it also cost me ten bucks to get to the event and home again, just for gasoline. Didn’t want to waste the chance to speak with the candidate.

    LOL with the title. Thanks. In the same vein, an appropriate portrait of the “Tot,” leader.

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