New from Colorlines: “Life Cycles of Inequity: A Series on Black Men”

series on black men colorlines

Here’s a conversation between black male students on racial bias in the classroom. There’s been a lot of talk about doing “something” about the racial achievement gap where I live – Dane County, Wisconsin.

I’m curious to know: has anybody started interviewing students to get their stories first-hand here?

This is the first video release in a series from Colorlines entitled, “Life Cycles of Inequity: A Series on Black Men.”

An excerpt from Kai Wright’s introduction:
“Each month, we will publish a package of content focused on a life stage or event that for black men in the United States is uniquely confined by broad, societal inequities. We begin with high school boys—Trayvon’s peers—and we will conclude with the early mortality that takes too many of our fathers, uncles and partners in their middle ages. We’ll explore issues ranging from school discipline to fatherhood, from job markets to health care access. The video above—in which a group of teenagers speak with one another about confronting implicit bias—offers an introduction to the series. Tomorrow, we’ll explore the forces driving the school-to-prison pipeline.”


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