Vorpal sword slices Eric O’Keefe, urges journalists to give a flying fuck

Image credit:
Søren Niedziella

A facebook pal shared the post “Aiding and Abetting, or Professional Courtesy?” by Hart Williams of his vorpal sword.

It’s about Eric O’Keefe, the subject of Wisconsin’s John Doe II investigation and the “decades-long Koch intimate, fired Libertarian Party director and stealth initiative bandit, AND Tea Party Godfather”.

And it’s about the failure of journalism to do even a cursory reporting on O’Keefe’s political shell game.

And it’s about being fed up with that.

Hart Williams has been closely watching Eric O’Keefe and Friends since at least their 2006 faux grassroots “American Liberty Tour” and he’s also been watching the press barely register notice.

“I’ve talked and written until I’m blue in the face about this.
If you so-called JOURNALISTS give a flying fuck about your COUNTRY, wake the fuck up and smell the napalm. Catatonia is not an option.”

I know that feeling.

I’m not gonna summarize more than that.

I urge the reader to at once visit Mr. Williams’ post – which is right here.


3 thoughts on “Vorpal sword slices Eric O’Keefe, urges journalists to give a flying fuck

  1. Thanks for the kind words, blue cheddar. There is a wealth of research on O’Keefe, et al. If you click the “howie rich gang” and “koch brothers” tags, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of posts on various aspects of their dark empire. “They’re going after the Teachers in Wisconsin” and “Who is Behind the Wisconsin Club for Growth” would probably be of great interest to Wisconsinites. As would the short “The Astroturf on Lambeau Field.”

    Again, thanks.

  2. Readers with tender and “grandmother” sensibilities are immediately repulsed by phrases like “flying fuck” in titles. So I call you a fake. Nice try, sock puppet grandma.

  3. Plugging Mr. Williams, really? I’d like to hope he’s on the far fringe of our progressive network. In the post you link to he uses a photo of a baby he found on Facebook while researching his piece. As a grandmother, I find that tasteless. Can’t we prove our points without resorting to childish intimidation tactics? Let’s leave that to the right, shall we ?

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