Fight For 15: Strikes in Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau Thursday May 15


Actions are happening in Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau in the Fight for $15.

From Wisconsin Jobs Now:

Last year, fast food and retail workers in Wisconsin made history by walking off their jobs during four strikes in the largest worker action in the history of the fast food industry. And this Thursday, we’re about to make history again in the largest fast food strike yet.

On May 15, we act in solidarity with workers from 150 cities and 30 countries united in the call for $15 and a union. Because enough is enough. We need you to join in! Stand with us May 15. We can only win with your support!”

I can make it to the Taco Bell on 3002 E. Washington Ave at 7AM for the morning solidarity rally here in Madison.

I’m not finding one main Fight for 15 web site. Your best bet is to do some searching for “fight”, “15”, and your state’s name if you’d like to find out what’s happening in your locale.

Social Media

@WiscJobsNow is sure to be sending updates on events tomorrow. These tags seem to be the ones to watch:

On facebook Wisconsinites can stop by

Raise Up MKE,

Wisconsin Jobs Now, and

South Central Federation of Labor to get updates tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Fight For 15: Strikes in Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau Thursday May 15

  1. 1) Go after the top earners with your “greed” shaming. 2) You’re never going to end conflict. Forget it. 3) You want healthy? Stay away from politics.

  2. $15 is too high for me. Don’t be greedy. $12ish is where I stand but make it follow COL increases to send this endless conflict. It’s unhealthy to always be in conflict republicans.

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