Obama’s been making hasty PR moves. Nervous about that upcoming Snowden interview on NBC?

Image Credit: DonkeyHotey

When I saw that Obama did a seemingly impromptu walk around the White House the other day, I assumed it was not just a stroll.

I immediately thought it was in response to the impending broadcast of an interview of Edward Snowden by Brian Williams on NBC May 28th at 9PM Central.

This NBC interview comes hot on the heels of a phenomenal and scathing Frontline documentary on NSA. [Which is still viewable online. Part 1 “The Program” is the must-watch of the two parts.]

Obama has just made an even riskier PR move: suddenly going to Afghanistan.

From NYTimes: “The trip to Afghanistan was unannounced, and Mr. Obama slipped out of the White House secretly on Saturday evening. He arrived a day ahead of Memorial Day under the cover of darkness at Bagram Air Base, the sprawling American encampment north of Kabul, accompanied by the country music singer Brad Paisley, who performed for about an hour before the president spoke to troops.”

In the course of doing this in haste, the name of a top CIA officer was revealed in a press document. This endangers the lives of the officer and his family.:

“The CIA’s top officer in Kabul was exposed Saturday by the White House when his name was inadvertently included on a list provided to news organizations of senior U.S. officials participating in President Obama’s surprise visit with U.S. troops.

The White House recognized the mistake and quickly issued a revised list that did not include the individual, who had been identified on the initial release as the “Chief of Station” in Kabul, a designation used by the CIA for its highest-ranking spy in a country.”Fortuna’s Corner/Washington Post

Team Obama remembered to bring the musical entertainment but forgot to take pains to keep certain important people a secret?
I cringe.

Frankly, it’s time for the president to face the music on this issue. Dancing around it is awkward, it is insulting, and it is even dangerous.

Here’s footage of that walk. Apparently any footage of people confronting him will not be seen by you and I. If I had my chance to say something face to face I’d tell him to stop spying on the American people.

Image Credit:
“Barack Obama – Caricature Line Drawing” Portrait of President Obama by DonkeyHotey of flickr. Shared here under a creative commons license.


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