AFP (KOCH) spends $900K on their boy wonder just as he starts to negotiate with prosecutor


Couple quick thoughts, here.

1) Wisconsin Club For Growth (A.K.A. Eric O’Keefe) has been whining* that it can’t properly fund-raise for Scott Walker with all this John Doe II investigating hanging over it.

But look. Here comes Americans For Prosperity to save the day and do a $900,000 ad buy to soft sell Scott Walker.

Does this have something to do with the big settlement Scott Walker is working out to save and/or destroy one or more of the almost 30 (THIRTY!) conservative organizations that are the target of the John Doe II investigation?

It is so very, very considerate for AFP to give that ad just as Walker is going in to negotiate with a prosecutor. One wonders if Scott Walker will remember the gift warmly throughout backroom discussions to come.

2) You might say it wasn’t very civil** of me to refer to Governor Scott Walker as “boy wonder” in the title.

To which I could reply, “Au contraire! Who said I was referring to Scott Walker?!”

I learned how to do that by watching this new ad from the 501(c)3 organization Americans For Prosperity.

Did you assume that the “strong leadership in Madison” they refer to in this ad is Scott Walker? Well, you can if you want to but the ad never said “Scott Walker”. It’s just a message ad! And did you know because AFP used their 501(c)3 arm this ad counts as a charitable contribution!?

PR Watch has more info on AFP’s “charity”.

* To be more accurate, the whining emanated from Eric O’Keefe, Wall Street Journal’s editorial board, Judge Rudolph Randa, and a slew of surrogate toadies.

** Back in 2012 we heard a lot from the Wisconsin Democratic Party about “civil”, the state’s “civil war”, and “civility” itself.

Unfortunately, going civil while the other side continues to go rogue leads to ruin.

“Gov. Walker started a civil war in this state, a political civil war” – Tom Barrett, April 2012 – source


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