Eric O’Keefe now suing Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board

Eric O’Keefe of Wisconsin Club for Growth is, as of this morning, suing G.A.B.

The conservative mouthpiece has reported that Eric O’Keefe filed a lawsuit this morning against Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board for having “exceeded its statutory authority and evaded its statutory obligations by pursuing and funding a far-reaching criminal investigation into virtually every conservative-leaning group in Wisconsin”. The suit is filed in Waukesha County Circuit Court.

“The GAB’s use of a John Doe has created a Frankenstein monster,” the complaint states. “The GAB has grafted its existing powers for civil enforcement of campaign finance laws onto law enforcement powers borrowed from John Doe statute, and from this hybrid bundle of investigative powers, has lopped off vital procedural protections.”

He also wants this:
“O’Keefe and the club seek a judgment declaring the GAB has made and continues to make “illegal expenditures associated with its participation in the secret John Doe proceeding, and enjoining GAB from making any additional unlawful expenditures of public funds.”

So basically, a man who has access to unlimited funds is trying to eliminate funding for the agency in Wisconsin government that investigates crooks like him.

He calls G.A.B. a monster? He will settle for nothing less than complete domination of Wisconsin by HIS conservative crew but G.A.B. is the “monster”?

Are there people amassing outside his home with torches and pitchforks yet?


3 thoughts on “Eric O’Keefe now suing Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board

  1. People are too busy working two or three jobs to amass around this guy’s house, which is probably surrounded by a moat with alligators and an electric fence somehow paid for with our tax dollars…

  2. Why does it not surprise me to see this being filed in Waukesha County Circuit Courts? I have seen the reality of Walker’s Kangaroo Court System. Any time the GOP wants something to come down in their corner it is filed in Waukesha County! No matter that the GAB is located in Madison. My Grandson was railroaded in Waukesha County Circuit Courts.

  3. Thanks. Think your post is “bullseye.”

    Wonder how much of Mr. O’Keefe’s filing will contradict previous positions he’s taken on “Tort Reform” and “Truth-in Sentencing?”

    “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”

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