Walker says he won’t undermine “fellow conservatives”, sticks to federal lawsuit routine

walkergate 2 John Doe investigation Walkergate Scott Walker

Both WPR and Wisconsin Radio Network have news of further Scott Walker comments on the John Doe II investigation.

Today during a stop in Chippewa Falls he said,

“I want to make it clear than neither I nor
my campaign is a party to that federal lawsuit. Therefore we can’t be involved in a settlement nor can we be involved in a deal. And in terms of just in general – I think most people should understand – it’s pretty clear – I’m not going to do anything to undermine other fellow conservatives nor anything that would undermine people’s free speech under the first amendment.”
23 seconds of audio available at WRN

OK. But Walker is remaining silent on whether he is or is not discussing anything with Francis Schmitz, the chief prosecutor for the John Doe probe.

Walker is – for the second day in a row – telling only half the story. That makes me think things still look bad for Eric O’Keefe of Wisconsin Club for Growth and that Walker is in fact speaking with Francis Schmitz as alleged in that Wall Street Journal editorial.

I’m compiling updates on John Doe II as they come along at the post “Conservative Cat Fight in Wisconsin over John Doe II Investigation“.


2 thoughts on “Walker says he won’t undermine “fellow conservatives”, sticks to federal lawsuit routine

  1. Oh come on Scotty, we all know that that’s a non-answer to the world and also an obvious non-answer to WCfG & pals. Why did you even bother?

  2. Scott Walker [waves hand]: Pay no attention to the criminal investigation of state campaign law violations behind the curtain. That’s not the legal action you’re looking for.

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