O’Keefe’s top priority in John Doe II: getting U.S. Supreme Ct. to end campaign finance restrictions?

chess pieces

I read Bruce Murphy’s piece “Why Walker Has Split With Conservatives” tonight.

I encourage you to read it, too. I’m exhausted with a touch of sunburn right now so – I’m not taking the time to analyze this at the moment.

Murphy says the grand dream of Eric O’Keefe and David Koch has been and continues to be getting the U.S. Supreme Court to eliminate campaign finance laws in the name of free speech. Scott Walker endangers that plan by negotiating with prosecutor Francis Schmitz to end the John Doe II investigation.

If the way Murphy frames this is correct, then Scott Walker’s political career isn’t so important to them anymore.

Murphy also thinks that O’Keefe is strongly motivated by a desire to punish the John Doe II prosecutors.

Federal Judge Rudolph Randa has made a ruling that essentially accepted O’Keefe’s argument that any coordination between third party groups and the Walker campaign or any campaign is legal. This would legalize the use of unlimited “dark money” for any elections, and effectively end all restrictions on campaign donations. For O’Keefe, the Koch brothers, and the Wall Street Journal, this is exactly the ruling they hoped for, which could go all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. Given the current make-up of the court, it wouldn’t be a shock if they agreed with Randa.

Considering these huge stakes, Walker’s concern about putting the Doe probe behind him is small potatoes.

Now for some sleep. I’ll give this a second look in the morning.


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