FYI: These are updates on my “Judge who threw occupiers out…” post


This is information that I updated and/or added to my post “Judge who threw occupiers out of WI Capitol building in 2011 has just thrown out citations against singers”. Go to the original post to see transcriptions and the video: 

The same judge that delivered a ruling which effectively ended the 2011 occupation of the Wisconsin Capitol has thrown out 13 citations against 10 people arrested for protesting in that same building.

Two sources who closely watch Capitol arrests tell me that 335 citations are related to what became known as the, “Capitol Crackdown”:  arrests for noon-hour Solidarity Sing Along assembly in the summer of 2013. Judge Albert is one of thirteen Dane County judges who have dismissed sing along-linked citations due to violation of constitutional rights, according to attorney Patricia K Hammel. Based on facebook updates I have seen from defendants, the State of Wisconsin is appealing the dismissals on at least 32 citations.

* It’s possible that a few of those dismissed citations that are now under appeal were given for activities that are linked to protest and occurred in the Capitol rotunda, but do not necessarily involve singing. For example, there were a slew of tickets for holding signs in various areas of the Capitol including the rotunda. Sorry this isn’t more firm. I’m an unpaid blogger who would like to get outside in a garden before it rains today so I’m not going to go that “into” it. The independent (I repeat: the *independent*) “left wing” of America does not have the deep pockets of Eric O’Keefe. On the bright side, we are not beholden to people like him either.

This post originally announced only that *10 people got their citations dismissed*. I reported that and did not go into the total citations, appeals, etc. because it was something I could verify from the included video and it was backed up by people close to Friday’s proceedings. I then added more info. this morning, Sunday 6/1/2014. I took the time to do THAT (which involved also spending MORE time in front of the computer Saturday night when I could have been having a beer somewhere) because a facebook update I saw last night said that a Madison TV affiliate announced that, “all the citations” were dismissed.

I do not have the time to confirm that the TV report occurred.


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