Wisconsin’s White Governor


This post criticizes a few points in Alec MacGillis’ piece “The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker” but don’t get me wrong: IT IS GREAT. Read it, reread it, and save it.

In this article by the senior editor of The New Republic, we learn about how Walker remained a goody two shoe preacher’s son while he rode dirty race politics all the way to the seat of Governor.

If you’re a political junkie from Milwaukee you already know that commuters to the local white suburbs are hearing vile conservative stuff on their car radios.

Such as what Belling says:

In one 2012 riff, he called a young black Milwaukee man who had died in police custody a “piece of garbage” and attacked “the pigs of mothers who are too lazy to put their children in a crib and roll over the top of them while sleeping on a futon on the floor.” 

This radio sneering always works in concert with Walker’s goals but never puts a ding in his eagle scout image because Scott Walker sticks to subtle racist messaging while ALWAYS leaving the brash stuff for the radio guys. But his campaign does coordinate with them all the time, as we learned through the release of John Doe emails.


The Bubble Extends Beyond Wisconsin

MacGillis says Walker exists in a protective bubble of conservative praise. That’s true to a point, but I think the author underestimates the strength of Walker’s talking point discipline as well as all the tests he faced during the recall. We make fun of his dead eyes but if he stays robotic, the press can’t get a rise or a slip-up out of him. This keeps him safe since absent sound bites, the press usually can’t or won’t research his past or his policies.

And it’s not just Wisconsin press that stays hands off. We see it from the national press, too. Such as when the Washington Post gushed that Walker is a “hands-on” tactician in this article about the John Doe emails. And when Monica Davey treats Walker with kid gloves in the so-called “liberal” New York Times.

That tough interview Mike Wallace gave Walker on FOX (mentioned in the “whiteness” article) was meant to put Scott Walker on warning. To tell him that he has disappointed his investors. It wasn’t meant to sink him.

His Unbearable Whiteness is a Feature Not a Bug for A Racist Party

Sabato effectively said as much in April of 2013. Political prognosticator Sabato says the GOP will have no choice but to cultivate white votes in the 2016 presidential election. If that is the case it means the GOP will need a candidate who can deftly deliver dog whistle racism while responding with an innocent “who me?” when he gets called out on it.

In that context Scott Walker’s experience playing the uber white race card and his flat take-no-bait responses are a feature, not a bug.*

To repeat, I differ in opinion on a few points but that being said, this is a fantastic and informative article. READ IT!

Dodging Exhibit A: Answer to Amy Goodman on reproductive rights.


*I’ll try to write more on this feature-not-a-bug thing later. No doubt, playing the Get-Out-The-White-Republican-Vote game includes a lot of suppressing parts like state-by-state voter ID laws, Secretary of State shenanigans, voting machines, and True The Vote observers harassers.


One thought on “Wisconsin’s White Governor

  1. hahaha.. that McGinnis article is totally called out for it’s stupidity and delusions by Breyer on politico.

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