Newly released John Doe documents point to Scott Walker as ringleader in criminal scheme

walkergate 2 John Doe investigation Walkergate Scott Walker

Look at that headline:
John Doe prosecutors allege Scott Walker at center of ‘criminal scheme’

The article says there are 12 conservative groups that are suspected of illegally coordinating with Scott Walker and his “close confidants”:
“The governor and his close confidants helped raise money and control spending through 12 conservative groups during the recall elections, according to the prosecutors’ filings.”

So this is why Walker could maintain a placid demeanor through all the turmoil and upheaval that he caused us. It must really ease a man’s worried mind to have a powerful, monied team in the wings doing whatever it takes, laws be damned. (Assholes.)

As prosecutors state in Exhibit C of the released documents:
“No court has ever recognized that secret, coordinated activity
resulting in “undisclosed” contributions to candidates’ campaigns and used to circumvent campaign finance laws is protected by the First Amendment. Accordingly, the purpose of this investigation is to ensure the integrity of the electoral process in Wisconsin.”

If you go to Exhibit F – page 156 of 268 HERE – you will see that more than 12 organizations had their documents subpoenaed.
[try this PDF link if that one isn’t to your liking]

Also, notice that although the newspapers (and frankly the bloggers too) have all been saying this investigation focuses on recall election activity, the request for records goes back to March of 2009 – – over 1 year before the initial election of Scott Walker to the seat of governor.

On page 128 of the PDF we get a clue why: “…the national Club for Growth organization raised concerns about coordination or interaction between WiCFG and FOSW as early as 2009.” R.J. Johnson was a paid advisor to FOSW during the 2010 Gubernatorial election, and through at least January 2012. For this reason, evidence related to the activities of WiCFG and FOSW beginning in 2009 are relevant and probative of knowledge and discussions ‘of any potential illegality involving coordinated activities between those entities and others involved with R.J. Johnson.”

Eric O’Keefe was ordered to provide records of correspondence and financial obligation in the possession of himself and the CFG leadership to include Eleonore Hawley and Charles Talbot.

Those records were to include communications between Club for Growth directors, board members, officers, employees, or agents on one hand and R.J. Johnson and Deborah Jordahl on the other hand.

Those records were also to include communications, financial documents or agreements, and information about the recalls that were shared between CRG leadership and the following:

R.L. Johnson and Associates Inc.
Citizens for a Strong America Inc.
Coalition Partners LLC
Donor Fundraising Inc.
Richard “R.J.” Johnson
Deborah Jordahl
Kale Donor

On page 160 of 268 at the same document we see that documents between CRG and the following list of organizations that relate to Wisconsin recalls of 2011 and 2012 were also subpoenaed:

Coalition Partners LLC
R.J. Johnson and Associates LLC
Citizens for a Strong America Inc.
William Eisner and Associates Inc.
Ten Capitol Inc of Ashburn, VA
Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Inc.
WMC Issues Mobilization council
Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce
American Federation of Children Inc.
Donor Fundraising Inc.
Americans for Prosperity Inc.
Club for Growth Inc.
Wisconsin Club for Growth
American Crossroads
League of American Voters
Republican Governors Association RGA
Right Direction Wisconsin
Republican State Leadership Committee
Committee to Elect a Republican Senate
Wisconsin Family Action Inc.
Wisconsin Right to Life Inc.
Wisconsin Recall Action Fund
The Jobs First Coalition inc.
Ending Spending, Inc.
Friends of Scott Walker
Republican Party of Wisconsin
United Sportsmen of Wisconsin Inc.

If you read on you will also see an order for communications of the recall election committees.

I’ll be reading through all of this. More to come.


5 thoughts on “Newly released John Doe documents point to Scott Walker as ringleader in criminal scheme

  1. “this ratchets up the pressure on Mr. Abele to very promptly release the rest of the emails” Do you suspect that Abele is holding back certain emails? Abele is a good pal of Milwaukee CRG-affiliated Sanfelippo (as demonstrated by their work together on that bill to give Abele more power over his county supervisors). And Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce had its records subpoenaed in John Doe II.

  2. The clue that this goes back prior to the recall is that they were doing this at all. The recalls had unlimited donation limits. But, because the corrupt way was the only way they knew, they kept doing it the corrupt way

  3. bc, thanks.

    In addition to all the other benefits, imho this ratchets up the pressure on Mr. Abele to very promptly release the rest of the emails. How many emails are there to Karl Rove? Did Walker ever hear back from Karl?

    Are there references in the emails to campaigns for sitting Justices in Wisconsin’s Supreme Court?

    Am I right in assuming that this is Justice Roberts (and the other four Supreme Court Justices who destroyed campaign finance law) worst nightmare? This has zero to do with free speech. It’s all about the oligarchs hiding their control of government.

  4. I think the back story on this will prove to be equally as important. This corruption will be linked to the 9 Recall campaigns run by GOP state senators.

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