Job creation is bigger issue than Walker’s criminal scheme says WI Dem leader

Here’s the story out of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: State Dem chair: Key issue in governor’s race is jobs, not probe

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Maybe you can tell ME what the hell Mike Tate is doing because I do not have a clue.



Why would WI Dem Party downplay the criminal investigation of Scott Walker?


4 thoughts on “Job creation is bigger issue than Walker’s criminal scheme says WI Dem leader

  1. I don’t know how many times the Wis Dems can have these kinds of facepalm moments without sickening every single voter in the state. Leadership needs to be strong, committed and hard working. Sending out press releases and begging for money via phone and email seems to be their only activity. It’s not enough as was proven in the recall elections.

    It’s bad enough to be embarrassed by the extremists in the GOP that have infested our state, but to be continuously embarrassed by mealy-mouthed Democrats and their wishy-washy statements can no longer be tolerated. We should have a party demanding the reversal of Act 10, restoration of funding to Planned Parenthood, expansion of Medicaid, restoration of educational funds and environmental protection, eliminating the required pre-abortion ultrasound and waiting period, and working hard to achieve those goals among many others. They make statements that seem more targeted towards Republican voters than the general population of voters.

    If they want us, they need to earn us. That takes action, not press releases and fundraising.

  2. So… The Dems aren’t going to talk about passing Act 10 in the middle of the night behind closed doors, the largest cuts to education in Wisconsin history, John Doe, transvaginal ultrasounds. voter suppression, John Doe II, stifling Freedom of Speech and Assembly, weakening our environmental laws and regs for the benefit of a single out of State mining corporation (wanted for criminal charges in Spain), turning down Medicaid expansion, and being against everything from fast rail and green energy to mandatory drinking water disinfection in favor of mindlessly chanting “Jobs, jobs, jobs” while campaigning for a candidate that the WI GOP will say shipped jobs out of the country? How dumb does Tate think Wisconsonites are and is he won the Koch Brothers’ payroll?

  3. “They’re all like that” line is a self-fulfilling prophesy! People are either too busy or too dumb to prevent the prophesy from coming true. As for the Randa decision going all the way to SCOTUS, yes that could happen.

  4. I voted “several of the above.”

    I heard a story on WPR that a Reich-wing group has filed a lawsuit challenging Wisconsin’s campaign finance laws in the aftermath of “Citizens United.”

    That thought has crossed my mind: even if Snotty & Co. are convicted due to the John Doe, SCOTUS may throw it out on Constitutional grounds. After all, money=speech, right?

    So the Dems may be thinking ahead and hedging their bets in view of the Bush-majority court.

    IMO, even without the John Doe there’s plenty of already established cronyism and crookedness on the part of Snotty and his cohorts (all those convictions) to convince people that he’s a sleezeball, but of course, the “they’re all like that” argument always gets in the way.

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