Mike Tate Shrugs

Just as the public learns that Scott Walker has been placed in the center of a criminal investigation, Mike Tate says this:

“What we heard at the doors wasn’t whether the governor was at the center of criminal scheme. We heard was that they wanted Wisconsin to get back to work.”

Take the poll, please.
This is “live” for maybe 20 more hours.

Why would WI Dem Party downplay the criminal investigation of Scott Walker?


9 thoughts on “Mike Tate Shrugs

  1. Having done doors this weekend, I can say from my experience, Tate is correct. That isn’t to say people don’t care about the corruption, they do. It serves to solidify their notion that Walker has failed and fuels their disgust. They want their state to get back to work and see John Doe and the rest of the controversies as a distraction from success. People I spoke with view Mary Burke as a breath of fresh air – which is the position she should stay in.

    • Kringle, fwiw, I don’t believe you, but in the event that I’m wrong, thanks for doing that. Please detail which doors you knocked on Saturday, which hours. Same for Sunday. Please be very specific about where you were. What streets, in what city? I may know someone in the neighborhood and can contact them to see if they heard of D’s knocking on doors.

      What’s the total number of doors you knocked on? Of those, how many opened? Were you doing a lit drop? If so, what did the literature say.

      I talk to people in my neighborhood and they don’t know anything about Mary Burke, other than that she’s not Scott Walker. Most people I know think Republicans will lower their state and local taxes and Dems won’t. Did any one mention that issue over the weekend?

      Did you ask people if they still had cable TV? Increasingly, I find folks going off of cable TV. They’ve got a phone, an internet connection and maybe Netflix.

  2. There aren’t many undecided voters to go after in this election. Those opposed to Walker already know he’s a crook. Those still supporting him buy into the partisan witch hunt story. What will compel people to show up at the polls in November? Remember that Barrett kept talking about his opponent in the recall being the only sitting governor with a criminal defense fund? There are MANY issues surrounding Walker’s performance to put front and center in this election. I think the “average” person won’t be compelled to vote because of this issue–it’s the things that affect people personally that get them to vote.

    • Tanya, the reason there aren’t many undecided voters is because it’s really hard to win elections if you let the GOP paint you as the party of higher taxes. Legalizing pot has tremendous traction on both right and left. I would never encourage anyone, who did not already have a serious illness, to use it, but the prohibition against alcohol didn’t work either. Wisconsin’s losing a lot of tourism revenue to Colorado, and a lot of tax revenue to the drug cartels. It would energize Ms. Burke’s base and pull a lot of Republicans over to voter for her. It’s also a terrific get-out-the-vote issue with young (under 30 types) who have understandably lost faith in government. http://fdlaction.firedoglake.com/2012/04/27/the-smoke-and-mirrors-of-the-legalization-debate/

  3. In the poll, OTHER, was my choice. Democratic leadership is as much in the tank with the 1% as are the Republican leadership. Both wings of the elite “party,” are here to promulgate “divide and conquer,” in their own fashion. But the division that Walker publicly touted on film with Diane Hendricks, was about the elite (the money party) dividing everyday citizens from each other to distract (conquer) all of us and strengthen the oligarchs power over all of us. Neither the Republican base nor the Democratic base in their blinders, see first comment above as a clear example and proof, have yet to grasp the reality.

  4. Thought it was an excellent idea, I liked the last three options best.

    I think O’Keefe, Koch brothers, Wall Street Journal editorial page/Rupert Murdoch have all shown their complete confident in Ms. Burke to NOT roll back any of the gains Gov. Walker has made against unions. It’s been their aggressive legal tactics which have forced the action and threatened Gov. Walker’s second term.

    I fear if elected Ms. Burke will simply allow the same law firms and accounting firms to control state government. Those are the people in charge of the details, they are the deal makers. Hope I am wrong.

  5. The facts, the documents (with more to come), and the headlines and the penetration even in broadcast media are there. So, Mike Tate thinks the message should be: Corruption is fine. Worse than useless, Tate is trying to kill the most spectacular political corruption story in our lifetime. Sub-moronic, Tate sound like Fox and Friends.

  6. None of the above. Until there are actually criminal charges filed Dems know that Walker can very successfully portray this as persecution to the average Wisconsin voter. With Graeme Zielinski gone Tate is finally playing this one wisely.

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