Walker’s safe weekend in Sheboygan County


Image credit: Pete Zarria

Walker served scrambled eggs to dairy breakfast visitors in Sheboygan County over the weekend. That’s a safe move. He won 63% to Barrett’s 36% in that county in 2010 – – and about the same in 2012.  Walker chose a privately-owned location where protesters can be hauled off if necessary (and it’s always necessary, isn’t it). These are old tricks by now for Scott Walker due to the backlash he faced for taking peoples’ rights away. He’s about as prepared for a criminal charge as a Guv can be.

The local Gannett-owned newspaper got a few quotes out of Walker in their article including this one:

“I think in the end, people are going to see that despite the initial reaction, the bottom line is that what we’ve done is completely legitimate and right”.

How interesting that an outwardly law and order guy like himself doesn’t say “legal”.

You can also see photos at Sheboygan Press.

sheboygan county map governor gubernatorial race 2010

Side note:
Gee. Glenn Grothman lost a lot of weight. Is it just the campaign doing that to him? He was at the same breakfast.

Glenn Grothman is losing weight June 2014


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