Wausau School District teaching staff resignations doubled. Is it more than Act 10 for Wausau?

Schoolhouse by jonathan_moreau, creative commons use
Schoolhouse by jonathan_moreau, creative commons use

“In the Wausau School District, the number of resignations in its teaching staff has more than doubled in the past five years. …

The number of resignations in the D.C. Everest Area School District show less of a swing.” – From In the wake of Act 10, teacher turnover rates on the rise“, Wausau Daily Herald

I’d love to get some comments from Wausau insiders on what their educators have been going through. I know that Walker slapped a target on the back of all union school staff as of March 2011. But I’m wondering if the invective from “Christians” last year has anything to do with this.

For what I’m getting at, check out this excerpt from an article about the effort to force Superintendent Kathleen Williams to apologize for creating an evaluation system for religious music in Wausau’s public school concerts.

One person called her at home, told her that she had a lot of nice trees in her yard and “wouldn’t I (Williams) look good hanging from one.”

Williams said she did not report the calls or email to police, because she believes the messages are the “worst of peoples’ natures,” and are only about people venting their anger. But she is being more careful. “The classic irony to me, is that all this ugly email, hoping I’m hurt, all is in the name of Christ.” –source

What would Jesus do? He would not threaten to lynch somebody.

To be fair to the local people of Wausau, since the hot debate on this issue did go national (Daily Caller, Washington Post) I wouldn’t be surprised if some of that mud was flung from distant locations.

And yet I do get the impression that the community absolutely flipped its shit over music. Specifically over *religious* music. [check this list if you doubt]


Footnote: For landmark cases regarding religious expression and practice in public schools start with Lee v. WeismanWallace v. JaffreeEpperson v. Arkansas.  



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