WPR checked Walker’s campaign promises against reality as we know it

You may have missed Wisconsin Public Radio’s recent three part series entitled, “Walker’s Promises: By the Numbers” by Shawn Johnson. It could be that you were distracted by some big news about a national “criminal scheme”.

Anyway, the promises examined were once upon a time imprinted on the side of brown lunch sacks. They were “Scott Walker’s Brown Bag Guide to Government”:
“Don’t spend more than you have.
Smaller government is better government
People create jobs, not government.”

This is a brown lunch bag with an inked image of Scott Walker on the side. He used this in his campaign for governor of Wisconsin in 2010.

And they were emblazoned on the side of a large RV.

Brown bag bus

Of course some variation of them appeared on signs and banners wherever Scott Walker went.

Pictured: Scott Walker on the brown bag campaign trail, 2010.

And Walker packed his brown bag lunch in a commercial and showed us he drove an old car.

Whether people remember that cheesy advertising or not, in 2010 it was a big part of the packaging that sold Walker to Wisconsin.

Now that packaging is in the trash.

Part one of this WPR series says Walker Veers From Promise Not To ‘Spend More Than You Have’.

The key sentence from that story is, “Officials with the Fiscal Bureau said total state indebtedness is projected to grow by more than $1 billion under the governor’s watch.”

And this is just a few years after you were told that radical steps needed to be taken because Wisconsin was “broke”!!!

(Arghhh. Excuse me. I’ll be banging my head against the wall.)


(OK. I’m back.)

Part two is Has Government Gotten Smaller Under Scott Walker?

Check out this graph from WPR. The state’s General Fund spending is on the upswing.

graph for general fund

Will Walker say that doesn’t matter because he delivered on his promise of “smaller government” at the local level where he gave people the “tools” to crush teachers budgets? (ugh).

Part three is Walker’s 250K Jobs Promise Won’t Likely Be Met By End Of First Term

Well. I don’t talk about this topic too much at the blog because what can be said that has not already been said? Walker made a big fat lie about jobs to get elected and enough people bought it in a low turnout mid-term.

Lying is one thing. Then there’s flat out breaking state campaign laws. Do you think illegal coordination between the Scott Walker campaign and issue groups ensured that 2010 win? I’d bet some money on it based on the John Doe subpoenas.

I’ll dig into that another day.


2 thoughts on “WPR checked Walker’s campaign promises against reality as we know it

  1. Walkerites seem to ignore that fact this John Doe has moved forward to John Doe 2 and no,Scott Walker has not been cleared of any wrong doing now that more information about past actions have been disclosed. Do they really think that we are confusing these matters? They really need to get real! There’s a lot more to come and it’s not going to get any prettier.

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