Poll results for “Why would WI Dem Party downplay the criminal investigation of Scott Walker?”

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Visitors to a gorilla exhibit wear special eye averting glasses so they don’t threaten and anger the apes.

I was stunned that the Dems and the Mary Burke campaign decided to avert their gaze from the John Doe investigation recently — so I created a poll to get feedback on the matter.

Below are the full results.

As for the article that just came out in Paul “Vote Mary” Fanlund’s Cap Times  – it suggests that Wisco Dems are broadcasting a “JOBS JOBS JOBS” message to the masses and a more nuanced “JOBS/John Doe” message to liberals.

At least for the moment.

pie chart plus

This is a link to a larger version of that pie chart


The investigation shows that Democrats also broke the law
14 responses, 5.05%

Democrats are too chickenshit and lazy to fight the GOP like they should 111 responses, 40.07%

GOP successfully framed investigation of campaign finance law as being a “witch hunt” 19 responses, 6.86%

Too many voters are too dumb to keep more than 1 issue in their heads. And “jobs” polls really well. 51 responses, 18.41%

Dems cut a deal with the Republicans because they’re just a higher class of slimeball 8 responses, 2.89%

Burke needs to play it safe and she can’t control what happens with John Doe 2 –  47 responses, 16.97%

Other: 27 responses, 9.75%

Here are the “Other” answers:

Republicans infiltrated and took over the state Dem party.
Today, 5:44AM

All the above…
Yesterday, 10:34PM

Yo mama gave them bad head last night
Yesterday, 4:09PM

All of the above.
Yesterday, 4:04PM

This not Mary Burke’s circus; these are not her monkeys.
Yesterday, 3:41PM

People who care support Burke; undermine GOP claiming it is a witch hunt
Yesterday, 9:25AM

Democratic leadership are as beholding the the 1% as the Republican leadership.
Yesterday, 8:24AM

Tate must be on the Koch payroll. There is no other explanation for the mundane,
Monday, Jun 23rd 11:14PM

All of the above
Monday, Jun 23rd 9:45PM

Relying on the advice of inept Clinton-era hacks.
Monday, Jun 23rd 8:50PM

Mike Tate is an idiot.
Monday, Jun 23rd 8:42PM

More political double speak.
Monday, Jun 23rd 8:00PM

Democratic Party leaders in the state are addicted to big money like the GOP
Monday, Jun 23rd 7:44PM

Echoes of their pathetic “Walkergate” ad of 2012
Monday, Jun 23rd 7:24PM

also-no I do think John Doe is a big deal-breaking finance campaign laws isa big
Monday, Jun 23rd 7:14PM

Mike Tate is a nimb rod
Monday, Jun 23rd 7:03PM

Dems are worried that going too negative will scare off Independents.
Monday, Jun 23rd 6:27PM

Dems don’t want to turn off whatever slice of the 1% that still donates to them
Monday, Jun 23rd 5:20PM

Because it’s already overplayed and there have not been any charges yet.
Monday, Jun 23rd 4:34PM

Democrats don’t know how to win an election
Monday, Jun 23rd 3:52PM

She has time to watch the court battles play out first. Can pounce in Oct.
Monday, Jun 23rd 3:01PM

They are just another class of slimeball.
Monday, Jun 23rd 2:33PM

giving them enough rope to hang themsekves
Monday, Jun 23rd 2:21PM

IDK but probably the same reason for tepid (at best) support for the recalls
Monday, Jun 23rd 2:17PM

democrats look like whiny bitches after losing to walker Add as a poll answer Monday, Jun 23rd 2:15PM

The attention span of the average voter is too short to understand the nuances
Monday, Jun 23rd 2:08PM

Test answer. Monday, Jun 23rd 2:00PM

These are links to comments about this matter that were left on –
“Mike Tate Shrugs”
“Job creation is bigger issue..”

This poll was “live” and public from Monday 06/23 at approx. 2PM to Wednesday 06/25 at approx. 7AM. It was shared via the Wisconsin subreddit on reddit, the bluecheddar1 twitter account, facebook, this blog, and at least 1 other Wisconsin blog.


One thought on “Poll results for “Why would WI Dem Party downplay the criminal investigation of Scott Walker?”

  1. I was polled over the phone yesterday by the Kochtopus headquarters in Arlington VA. For “What is the most important issue in the governor’s race for you?” I selected Jobs and the Economy. I suspect that the WI Dems have similar polling that shows Walker to be most vulnerable on that issue, and that is why they are focusing on something other than the criminal scheme. The state news media will lap that story up like spilt milk anyway.

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