Sizzling ad: “Scott Walker isn’t working for you”

crooked Scott Walker

Whoever did the audio on this ad: job well done.  Especially that sizzling text. Wisconsin Soapbox sees this ad as “going negative” however I see it as defending the candidate in a measured appropriate way.

Your opinion?


Meanwhile, we have this C.Y.A.* news:

“Gov. Scott Walker is not a target of the John Doe investigation into possibly illegal campaign finance coordination during the 2011 and 2012 recall elections, an attorney for the special prosecutor overseeing the probe said Thursday.

However, that doesn’t mean Walker has been exonerated in the eyes of prosecutors, and he could continue to be a subject of the investigation if it is allowed to continue, legal experts said Thursday.” – source

Lately this election is reminding me of a cycling sprint.

Especially that part where the racers try to freeze in position, then nudge forward, then maybe switch the lead position, etc.



*”cover your ass”


3 thoughts on “Sizzling ad: “Scott Walker isn’t working for you”

  1. Republicans can dish it out but they can’t take it. Any time you get a crooked, pathological liar like Walker whining over an ad you know you have just hit the jackpot. Let’s face it, Burke could go a lot more negative on Walker and still be telling the truth. Mr. Divide and Conquer just can’t handle it.

    The fact is that tax-exempt issue-advocacy organizations cannot legally coordinate their ads with candidates. To do so is a violation of the law and a violation of the tax-exempt status of the secret donations. Republican operatives and their lapdog newspapers and radio shriekers can pretend these laws don’t exist but the courts are the final arbiter. If they hadn’t been breaking the law why would they be spending millions of dollars in a brazen attempt to throw a wrench in the investigation? The innocent have nothing to worry about, right?

  2. Thanks, for the post, yes, CYA as a prosecutor seeking to continue with an investigation.

    In the Wsj link, thanks, Walker admitting to raising money for the groups in order to ensure getting a strong message out, about himself and collective bargaining, sure sounds like illegal collusion to me. It matters not what the, “message,” was that Walker claimed needed to be told. What matters is that he admitted to raising money for the groups in question and directed them to make a statement. Cut and dried. Don’t let the MSM be snookered by Walker’s continual excuses and parsing of words, into holding back. Let the subpoena games begin.

    The whole trouble with the trial will be selecting a jury of his peers, especially for one who views himself as, “Mr Peerless.”

  3. bc,

    Agree, thought the ad was excellent on many levels.

    Wingnuts have been “going negative on Ms. Burke, aka “Queen Mary,” and Jim Doyle, “Diamond Jim,” forever.

    If Gov. Walker thought the ads were “slanderous,” why didn’t he file against the media, upon whom the ad is entirely based?

    The way to the Governor’s mansion for Ms. Burke is by using Gov. Walker’s emails to link him to Karl Rove and billionaires. She’s already done some good stuff on Gov. Walker’s mismanagement of Wisconsin’s fiscal future. That needs to continue. She has to assert herself as the fiscal conservative, NOT giving away tax breaks to the 1% and others who donate to WIGOP. “One Wisconsin Now says WEDC money going to Scott Walker donors like Edgewater developers”

    If Dems want to lose the party-of-higher-taxes brand, imho they have to lead on the low hanging fruit of legalizing pot. I would never encourage anyone who did not already have a serious illness, to use it, but the prohibition against alcohol didn’t work either. If the GOP doesn’t cave on it, pot could win back the Senate and really help in the Assembly. I’ll be Wisconsin’s losing a lot of tourism dollars to Colorado.

    Anyone serious about cutting the state budget has to look at not incarcerating folks for smoking pot.

    Dems also have to re-educate the public about how much we need dedicated and loyal public sector workers. Judges, district attorneys, law enforcement, Firefighers, EMT’s, teachers, ….. Those folks are the mortar between the bricks of a free society, one that’s based on fairness, not on bribes. Dems have to reclaim the high ground on that.

    Think Ms. Burke should call for a FEDERAL job guarantee.

    “….The government could serve as the “employer of last resort” under a job guarantee program modeled on the WPA (the Works Progress Administration, in existence from 1935 to 1943 after being renamed the Work Projects Administration in 1939) and the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942). The program would offer a job to any American who was ready and willing to work at the federal minimum wage, plus legislated benefits. No time limits. No means testing. No minimum education or skill requirements….”

    WIGOP is so deep into wingnut territory, Ms. Burke is more than welcome to steal old talking points from Jack Kemp about “economic mobility,” and “broadening the taxbase.”

    Would like to see her campaign and DPW focus group, “Capitalism runs on sales. The real job creators are consumers with money to spend.

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