Scott Walker’s economic development agency helped two companies make jobs for foreign countries, not Wisconsin

Channel 27’s Greg Neumann has figured out that at least two companies that received handsome tax credits through WEDC took millions to help them create jobs. They then proceeded to lay off Wisconsin workers and create job overseas. The companies named are Plexus Corporation and Eaton Corporation.

We know that Walker callously “cares too much” to let the poor become dependent on the state government even during a bitter cold winter.

Now we know he cares TOO LITTLE to ween corporations off their welfare teat. Even if they’re sending jobs South of the border! I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

WEDC has by now given out at least $975 million in grants to corporations per One Wisconsin Now’s estimate.

See WKOW for the rest of the story.

For a partial list of the agencies foibles, see my October 2012 post, Walker’s corporate welfare sh*t finally hitting fan: WEDC.


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