“Poor man’s polar vortex” coming next week. High of 67 next Tuesday in Madison.

Image credit: wanko

Washington Post’s Jason Samenow is calling next week’s predicted drop in midwestern temps a “Poor man’s polar vortex”.

Excellent description.

It’s the poor man and woman who will feel the effect most acutely — whether it’s relief that the A/C can be shut down or it’s disappointment that the tomatoes will be late this year.

The richest will ALWAYS be able to seek comfort from ANY climate change. That’s the problem — isn’t it?

Uhh…Seeing some differences between forecasts

So I have to say that the Washington Post’s forecast for next Wednesday shows Dane County, WI with a high of 66 degrees F and a low of 49.

Meanwhile WKOW TV shows a high of 74 and a low of 52 for Wednesday.
Wunderground shows a high of 74 and a low of 54 for Wednesday.

Hmm. Not to say that they’re wrong about the jetstream issue, but why the discrepancies? The local forecasts see TUESDAY as a colder day with a high of just 67 on Tuesday.

Screenshots of next week’s forecast for Madison, Wisconsin follow at the links:
from WKOW
from Wunderground

Or go directly to the weather web sites for up to the moment info:
WKOW’s site
to wunderground’s.

Here’s a graph of July temperatures in Madison, WI during 2013 from wunderground’s database.

If you’d like to learn more about how the jetstream works and why it might be moving due to the warming Arctic Circle, check out this video by Dr. Jennifer Francis of Rutgers’ Institute of Marine & Coastal Sciences.


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