Updated: Oshkosh store wants your help tracking down a puppy dumper

Updating with more info Sat. 7/12 7AM:

There’s a comment on the store’s facebook page that the alleged puppy dumper has been turned in, however I just called the store and the man on staff says no news of that from the Oshkosh Police Department has been received. He told me that the store’s page will be updated accordingly with any news on the suspect.

The Global Conservation Group has put up a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. – source: examiner.com

WBAY has a story on this.
An excerpt: “Thorp found the puppy in a black bag behind the Dumpster, just minutes before a garbage truck came through.

“It hurt. It was emotional. We all were,” Lamore said. “Somebody that can do that to something so innocent is so wrong.””

If you would like to donate to the care of the puppy, which is now named Hazel, visit the Oshkosh Area Humane Society’s “CUDDLES FUND”. Credit card and paypal donations accepted.

Here’s a video of Hazel that was uploaded yesterday:


And now for something completely different.

The Planeview Travel Plaza convenience store in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is requesting assistance in locating a man they believe dumped a puppy in a plastic bag at their site.

Here’s a link to their original facebook status update.

Here’s the text as copied and pasted and the accompanying photos are below.
“We Need your Help! This morning around 9:45 the man in the pictures dumped a 2 week old puppy in a black trash bag behind our trash dumpsters. He is driving the truck in the last picture, and when he left our property he was heading north on Hwy 41. Unfortunately we are unable to identify him or his truck. The puppy is being evaluated at the vet. If anyone has any information about the identity of this person or the company he drives for, please let us know.
Thank you and we will keep you updated on the puppy.”

You can go to their facebook page to get updates on the puppy which is getting veterinary care and may need a surgery for what looks to be a broken pelvis.

Planeview Travel Plaza
1500 Planeview Dr
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54904
Always open
Phone (920) 426-2641
Email info@planeview.biz

Just click on the image to enlarge it.





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