19-year-old Tony Robinson of Sun Prairie killed on Williamson Street by police in Madison, Wisconsin #BlackLivesMatter • March 7, 2015

The Badger Herald story on this is a good place to get your start.


To get the fuller picture on the immediate protest that happened after the killing as well as the the sit-in at the City County building, the family reaction, and the response from Madison’s Young Gifted and Black, try linking to the hashtag #WillyStreet or #AnthonyRobinson or try the older tag #BlackLivesMatter

Also: Review the tweets of @itsghastlycrew, @ndrewhahn@RebeccaKemble and @velenajones who were at Willy Street and/or the City County building last night.


I realize this meeting announcement is late for a lot of people.  I caught wind of these events late myself.  I’ll be at the meeting hopefully tweeting some, taking some notes, and hopefully learning a lot more.

Meeting Today South Side of Madison:

“In the wake of the tragic murder of unarmed 19 year old Black teenager Tony Robinson at the hands of Madison’s Police Department, We’ll be talking about what we know so far about the situation, how it connects to other state violence against Black people, and next steps in demanding justice for Tony Robinson.

When: 10:30 am
Where: 3101 Latham Dr, Madison, WI 53713
Why: #BlackLivesMatter  Link to map

The people united, will never be defeated.

Come out. Spread the word.

All Power to the People

Young, Gifted and Black Coalition


Other Local News Coverage: 


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