Milwaukee Fox6 reporter Meghan Dwyer booed off Emmy stage after she yells, “Public schools suck!” by blue cheddar • November 13, 2014

“Fox affiliate TV reporter Meghan Dwyer was booed off the stage when she declared “Public schools suck!” while accepting a Midwest Emmy Nov. 1 for a report on bullying in the Milwaukee Public Schools. That criticism shifted to social media Wednesday after Mediabistro and other blogs picked up the story.
“This is for all the kids that are bullied,” Dwyer said, hoisting her Emmy statuette at an awards ceremony in Chicago. “Seriously, public schools suck. They’re horrible. They need to be held accountable. I tried to do this with Milwaukee Public Schools.”
As boos rose from the audience, the WITI investigative reporter’s tone changed.
“I love public schools,” she said. “My kids will go there. But they’re — they need work. Sorry. That’s the story.””

This is the original FOX 6 story on bullying- LINK.

Incidentally, the FOX 6 channel has a habit of … well… what you might call conveniently being available to help stoke the fires of controversy.    Check out this story  and also this June 21, 2011 post in which, “By sheer coincidence, Zien’s friend (a Milwaukee FOX affiliate) just happened to be there with his camera crew.”

Originally this blog post linked to a WI education blog, Wisconsin Soapbox, which has since gone defunct.




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