Scott Walker plans a not so “unintimidated” public appearance in Beaver Dam today  • September 25, 2015

I have confirmation from Madison radio journalist Michael Crute that Scott Walker will be at the site at Noon today.
I had this information 1 hour and 45 minutes in advance of the so-called “public event”.

Site: Apache Stainless,
200 Industrial Dr,
Beaver Dam, WI

Google Map
Street view

Just to record what goes into ferreting out details on ‘public’ events with Governor Walker:

I called the number of the event site to get details around 9AM. Got no answer.

Alright. No biggie. A person can call the governor’s office to inquire about what time Scott Walker will appear in public.

Worker Answering Phone in Walker’s Office: “I’m sorry ma’am I do not have access to his calendar”
Me: [pause] You don’t have access to his calendar?
(in incredulous voice)

Worker: Hold on…
[long pause]

Worker: No. I am sorry. I do not have access to the time for that event.

He told me I could call my local news media to get the time.


Today Scott Walker will make what the press has been billing as “his first public appearance” in Wisconsin after the suspension of his presidential campaign Monday.

As usual, Wisconsin’s self-proclaimed unintimidated governor only presents himself within an environment that’s friendly to him and under circumstances that ensure most of the public can’t be there.
(Mmm. Yes. This is the guy who bragged he could “take on 100,000 protesters”.)

As I type this, it is the morning of the event but there is no public information that I can locate about what time Walker will be at today’s “public” event on private land.

It appears yesterday was the *first* day the public could learn what site he’d visit in Beaver Dam.

Below the picture are the details I can find online.


September 25th – 40th Anniversary of Apache Stainless
Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation celebrates 40 years in business with an OPEN HOUSE on Sept. 25, 11am – 5pm. Technicians will be giving tours and demonstrations in the manufacturing area. Employees and families, students, vendors, community are all invited to attend. Refreshments will be served. For more information or to RSVP, contact Jessica Jacobson (920) 887-8187


Governor Walker To Visit Beaver Dam Celebration Tomorrow
Sep 24, 2015 — 6:54am
9/24/15 – Governor Scott Walker will make his first public appearance since dropping out of the presidential race when he visits Beaver Dam tomorrow to help celebrate Apache Stainless Steel’s 40th Anniversary. Walker confirmed he will serve out his term as governor, and he’s not sure if he’ll run for a third term in 2018. The Republican discussed his future yesterday in a conference call in which he thanked his White House campaign donors. He also said he would not take a Cabinet post if a Republican wins the presidency next November. Walker says his campaign did not have enough money to weather his recent drop in the polls. Walker said he was not convinced that going into debt and reducing his campaign staff would have helped him recover. The Smart Politics website says Walker had the third-shortest presidential campaign since 1972 — just 70 days since his official announcement of his candidacy in July.

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