Scott Walker’s “Cocktail of Ignorance” is spiked by poisonous attitude toward unions  • September 23, 2015

I’ve been spending all day reading the official “what happened to Walker’s campaign” articles from the big league papers.

Very few are sharing the fact that Scott Walker has delusions.

Walker has delusions about his own grandeur and he has delusions caused by likening ALL policy matters to union workers and union rights in Wisconsin.

Frank Bruni gets it, though.

“For Walker it was unions at dawn, unions at dusk, unions in his dreams. Having hobbled them in Wisconsin, he vowed to cripple them nationally, and who’s to say it would have stopped there? I feel certain that he was mere weeks away from a big speech advocating the deployment of ground troops to stamp out collective bargaining among the Sherpas in Nepal.”

I like that Bruni also admits that one can’t with full confidence say what brings down a GOP candidate during a primary that allows Donald Trump to prosper WHILE declaring he learns all he needs to know about foreign policy from watching “the shows”.

Get on over to “Scott Walker’s Cocktail of Ignorance” for the rest of Bruni’s brief NY Times opinion piece.

I’ll offer my own dissection of the Walker fall in a day or two.

It’s too nice outside to sit on this computer any longer.

Another blog post from the same day:

Video: “Walker’s critics celebrate, supporters reminisce …”

Despite having no more than a few hours notice of the 5PM press conference announcing Walker’s drop out from the presidential campaign, protesting Wisconsinites were ready, able, and willing to serenade Wisconsin’s delusional governor.

This TMJ4 footage includes just a SNIPPET of protest singing:  LINK TO VIDEO 

This brief broadcast also includes snippets from Wisconsinites who do not support Scott Walker:
Scott Walker drops out of 2016 presidential race


Here’s the full departure message from Walker as delivered on Monday. LINK TO VIDEO

Note that the clapping heard at the 2:42 mark when he says “I will suspend my campaign immediately” was not accidental, as has been reported elsewhere.

Arthur K. Riggs deliberately clapped in celebration of the announcement.


For more “Oh gosh, Scott Walker dropped out of the campaign. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN” footage, try the following:

Scott Walker’s Wauwatosa neighbors mixed on ending presidential campaign

Walker’s hometown Delavan mixed on withdrawal from presidential race

Is there any questioning of whether Scott Walker will reimburse the State of Wisconsin for travel costs? Or whether he will return his salary for all of the days he has been absent?

Nope. TMJ4 is very friendly toward Walker.

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