Scott Walker’s son Matt stretches the truth like a pair of well worn yoga pants • February 20, 2015

Once again Walker is spinning the rightful protest actions of Wisconsinites into a persecution fantasy for himself. This time Matt Walker, his son, has taken part in skewing the picture.

But before we consider that, let us first take in the glory that is citizen action taken to protect the needs of our public.

Below is a brief video of the event as found on facebook

Strangely in response Matt Walker tweeted that they had been protesting “on my grandparents home”:




Matt Walker’s tweet doesn’t reveal the tidbits that verify that Walker lives there – such as the fact that Scott Walker uses the address as his voting address.

Nor does Matt reveal that in 2014 $978,000 of Wisconsin taxpayer funds went to providing security at the site for Scott Walker.

I got those facts from an ExpressMilwaukee article.

But I didn’t need to read that article to know that Walker lives there. Nobody does. We’ve been reading Walker’s “I’m a regular guy living in Wauwatosa” tweets for years. Most people do not painstakingly record and tweet that they fertilized the grass or washed a sink at their Wauwatosa home. However for an absentee politician like Walker (it takes a lot of time to fly from Palm Beach, New York, and Orange County) it’s a part of the usual image manipulation regimen.
A form of social media hygiene that is just as weird to witness in public as a man flossing during his commute.

Anyway naturally Fox invited their buddy Scott on to chat.

No surprise that Fox is happy to repeat the “parents’ home” line on the screen banner as you can see in the screen capture below from when Walker visited Megyn Kelly the other day:


In the course of the segment – – a video of which you can see here if you can still stomach this kind of thing – – Walker reveals that he DOES live there – with his parents.

But for most of the FOX show’s teaser and the tweeting and the conservative blogging that spins off etc. the line is that IT IS (OH MY GOODNESS!) HIS PARENTS’ HOME.

I say in reply to all of this hand wringing and pearl clutching the following: Grow up.

If Walker’s parents are grand people they can handle turning their hearing aids up and listening to Walker’s opposition. Who knows. Maybe they can be helpful. Do they understand and know the bad things their boy is doing to the state?


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