AOF testimony on Common Core in Eau Claire, WI

Link to original WisconsinEye Archived footage.

For convenience, links to specific audio portions are below.

Wisconsin Eye Archive: Senate and Assembly Select Committees on Common
Core Standards, Eau Claire hearing on Oct. 23rd, 2013

Audio for Gary Thompson
10-23-13 (part 1):
48:15 Dr. Gary Thompson (from Utah) shows check for $1147.98 and reads
“American Opinion Foundation” from check. (There is another cameraman
filming.) Says he “got a phone call from some guy” inviting him.

Audio for James Milgram
10-23-13. part 2:
1:02:40 Dr. James Milgram(from California) “Somebody gave me a check.
I don’t even know who it was.”

Audio for Alan Scholl
10-23-13 part 2:
3:18:20 Alan Scholl, Executive Director American Opinion
Foundation(AOF,) states that AOF collected money from 40 folks and
wrote check for.Thompson. Scholl states he is also associated with an
Appleton Christian virtual school, Freedom Project Education, with 357
students. All members of AOF board list their membership in John Birch
Society on web site.


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