Archived "Mark Neumann Stops in West Bend" story

As it appears on Texas Broadside. Originally this appeared at Boots and Sabers.

Mark Neumann Stops in West Bend

There?s a story in the West Bend Daily News that illustrates some of the problems the Neumann campaign is having. While walking downtown, Republican candidate for governor Mark Neumann decided to pay an impromptu visit to the GOP office in West Bend Thursday.   He was greeted by a locked door and a sign for his opponent.   Instead, he left his calling card.   He and an aide taped a Mark Neumann sign below one for Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, who ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2006.   ? T h at ? s one of the problems we?re up against,? Neumann said. ?He?s been basically running for governor for five years.?   Jim Geldreich, Washington County Republican Party chairman, said the sign is fine. The Neumann camp hasn?t been in touch since a call in August, but they would gladly distribute his campaign material as well, he said. Jim Geldreich emailed me his story.  Here it is: I received a call from Dan Muckelbauer from the WB Daily News this afternoon telling me he was with Mark Neumann at our campaign office in WB just a few minutes ago.  Our office was closed, but Neumann noted how we had a Walker sign on the door and not a Neumann sign.  He apparently went out to his car to obtain one and had Muckelbauer take a photo of him taping it to the door of our office (without our permission of course). At the time of this phone call, I was at the WB Post Office, so I drove over to the GOP office (only two blocks away) while staying on the phone with Muckelbauer.  Neumann was not there, but I did see the sign on our door.  Muckelbauer asked me if it would be OK for him to come over to the office to speak with me.  I said sure. Muckelbauer interviewed me for about 20 minutes and asked me several questions about the two candidates.  To start with, I disclosed that I had formally endorsed Scott Walker for Governor, but that that the Washington County Republican Party as an organization does not endorse candidates in an open primary. Secondly, I told him that I had only been contacted by the Neumann campaign one time, back in August, 2009.  In the three months since, I have not heard anything from their campaign, nor have they contacted our office in West Bend..  They never asked me if they could drop off any of their campaign literature, or if I needed any Neumann signs.  Furthermore, I told Muckelbauer that Neumann has not attended any of our Washington County GOP events, while Scott Walker has attended numerous events the past few years and has made serious efforts to get to know the Washington County Republicans.  And lastly, I would?ve been willing to meet with Mark Neumann and/or his staff today had I known they were in West Bend, rather than have to deal with this publicity stunt. Neumann hasn?t been in contact with anyone at the Washington County GOP for months and then shows up unannounced and complains about the lack of support?  So what has Neumann accomplished?  He got a story in the paper, but managed to tick off a lot of the GOP loyalists in West Bend in the process.  Not a good move.This entry was posted on Friday, December 4th, 2009 at 8:12 am and is filed under Syndicated. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

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