Hey cats. Blue cheddar blog is on RebelMouse

I have what is called a RebelMouse.  Do you?

I use this virtual mammal to aggregate my tweets in a manner which is graphically neat-o.  Technically a person could automatically funnel in other social media they share such as facebook comments etc. I think this was  unleashed on the public last fall by a former Huffington Post honcho and I hesitated to let them have access to my facebook cuz well facebook is a mess already and I couldn’t handle one more possible mess.

So far I’ve seen no discouraging words on RebelMouse and in my experience, it works simply.

The thing could be nice for peeps wanting to create a very basic web site that aggregates multiple media streams from their life.   And you do have the option to get a little fancier and do a paid domain with it like this guy did with his style blog. 


you could design this to capture only stuff on 1 topic.  For example, one trick with twitter which I’ve used to populate RebelMouse is to have all of your “favorited” tweets go in there.  This offers much more control than, for example, having all of a hashtag go in or all of a person’s tweets.

Here is a screenshot of my RebelMouse. As you can see, it by default grabs whatever is visual from my tweets and requires zero twiddling with JPGs and zero copying and pasting from YouTube.  (If either this or tumblr had jumped at me at the right time, I probably wouldn’t have gone to wordpress.org and bought a domain and spent hours seeking plug-ins, and…)

I used to keep a nifty super-special RebelMouse plug-in for wordpress.org on my blog’s front page so that a stream of photos ran down the right side whenever I tweeted – no problems. Then it seemed like it was slowing my site down. *shrug*  So, now you have to dig into this page to get there.  I still might try that plug-in again but by now the blog’s look has changed once more.  (Yes, I just like to waste time making changes to my blog that probably only I notice.)

If you use a RebelMouse, feel free to let me know.  And feel free to follow me over there. 


5 ways to use social media curator RebelMouse at Poynter.org

The Official RebelMouse FAQ


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