The Ed Schultz Town Hall, Barrymore Theater, Madison, Ground Zero in the Wisconsin Movement.

I joined 1,300 people in the Barrymore Theater last night. This crowd needed absolutely no assistance in warming up. While we waited for start, one audience member in the front in green face paint and a fright wig, stood up to lead the chant “This is what Democracy looks like”, while a cowbell waving member clanged along.

The crowd was noticeably over 30-years-old and mostly white–a demographic that fits with Madison, Wisconsin. However I feel qualified to state that the mix of cultures and styles brought to the Barrymore by the Ed Schultz crowd was uniquely non-elitist and non-cocktail swilling – as the downtown Madison crowd is characterized by the local GOP.

The format of the evening was billed as “town hall” with microphones at either side of he theater, and so I expected to hear hours of testimony. Instead, we heard a series of brief pointed speeches followed by a conversational exploration of the events that have transpired in Wisconsin since February 11 of 2011 when Scott Walker unveiled Wisconsin Act 10.

The crowd was stacked with those absolutely committed to jumping through all of the hoops required to get there – and thus  -the energy level they brought to the evening was red hot.

To guarantee entry into this event, hundreds waited in line first at noon, and then again later at 4:30PM, and following, they waited inside the theater. We listened first to John Nichols, Stu Levitan, Ruth Conniff, and a representative from PR Watch, and finally, we saw the man of the hour, Ed Schultz.

I didn’t count how many times Ed was thanked for Continue reading

I will be at The Ed Schultz Show at The Barrymore 4:30PM. It’s a Madison, Wisconsin Town Hall

Here we go. Yet another quickly planned who-the-heck-knows-how-this-will-go event:  I’ll be at the Barrymore Theater on Atwood 4:30PM and into the evening taking part ina  “town hall” with Ed Schultz. I’ll be interviewing people – sending easily digested audio to and then  tweeting those brief interviews out to you – – I hope.

Also to come: coherent bits of text and photos here.

While Ed Schultz and I are two people not alike, I have to hand it to the guy: he showed up and did a live show right on the square on February 16th, the Wednesday after Walker’s release of Wisconsin Act 10.

He showed up. He did it.- – -I now have that same feeling towards Ed that you feel for the friend who helped you move on a 90 degree day in summer.

Or the indebtedness you feel for the person who rescues you from the side of the road with the broken down car.

I learned about the free event late last night. I heard Tammy Baldwin and some folks from the Mic 92.1 – – which I’d bet means John Nichols and the man known only as “Sly” – will be there.  I hope to run into new 92.1 producer  Jack Craver, AKA Wiss Sconz on facebook or @thesconz on twitter and Isthmus’ Daily Page.

Hope to see @millbot, @dane101, @scoutprime of the blog First Draft…anybody from the @uptake in town? If so, their blogs and sites should also be aggregating some content.

If you’re thinking of coming – – I don’t know that it’ll work out if you do not already have a ticket. I stood in line at 12 Noon to get one. I was instructed to show up at 4:30PM to then be let in so I can wait (and perhaps drink beer? rumor has it such beverages are sold there) for the 6:30 event.

At 5PM the tickets are rendered useless as a come one come all approach takes over.