30 minutes of archived Ustream footage: speakers from the budget protest

30 minutes of archived Ustream footage from the protest against Walker’s budget. The video is a bit pixelated, but the audio is clear. Not bad for being broadcast from a phone.
FYI – There will be a 25 second ad at the beginning.

Mahlon Mitchell, President of the Wisconsin Professional Firefighters Association.
Phil Neuenfeldt, President of Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.
Mary Bell, President of Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC)
Madison Mother, Ellen Carlson.
Kim Hoffman, Middle School Teacher and Band Director from Stone Bank.

Direct link to ustream if the player isn’t working.


More photos from today’s Wisconsin budget protest

Here’s a slideshow. If you’d like some easy-to-share and downloadable images, check out the facebook album HERE.

I’d like to write something wise about the damage done inside the Capitol today.  But I’m getting some video together.

For the moment I’ll just say that I am still the same person I was and I still hold the same values going forward. Acts perpetrated against the people of Wisconsin inside of the Capitol building in the legislature and inside of the Wisconsin Supreme Court today do not stop the movement you and I have already started.

There is no choice but to fight back and fight hard.

There is no choice but to recall.


Sights and sounds from today’s protest of Walker’s budget

I’m here at Madison A.K.A. Walkerville in the midst of a growing budget protest. Here is a brief video which explains why some people are wearing pink togas and armbands today. It also includes a statement from John “Sly” Sylvester of WTDY 1670 about why it is important to be here today.

Sly had a set of amazing guests at Walkerville this morning. You can catch podcasts HERE of John Matthews with the Madison Teachers Union, Joe Conway with Firefighters Local 311, and Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison) plus Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, and Marty Beil of AFSCME Local Council 24.