Is the female American “an agent of her own ethical choices and preferences”?

Not in the eyes of the Catholic male majority of the Supreme Court she isn’t.

Oh how I do hope I can get you all to read “After Hobby Lobby” by Dahla Lithwick in full.

Here’s an excerpt:

“What is missing from the Hobby Lobby decision altogether—beyond the economic disparity and public health arguments I mention above—is the very notion of the woman herself as moral circuit breaker, as an agent of her own ethical choices and preferences, whose decision to obtain an IUD, or a condom, or a morning-after pill is a fully autonomous moral choice that supplants the spiritual choices of her employer. Again, it’s almost impossible to escape the conclusion that Hobby Lobby, McCullen, and Harris all rest on the idea that women are in effect children with (partial) paychecks, and that their choices are to be second-guessed and gently redirected.”

I’ve been too depressed to write much about this decision because I take it so personally since I am both an Atheist-American and a Female-American.

But I have been reading a good deal about the inception of the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act. I guess its therapeutic to at least understand who set this 21-year-old snare that can be used to bring me down today.

I’ll be coming back to this topic on the blog soon.

Pity the Fool: Ralph Lang traveled to Madison where he was going to “lay out abortionists because they are killing babies”

This is written by guest blogger, Steve. On May 26, Ralph Lang traveled to Madison where he was going to “lay out abortionists because they are killing babies”. He was arrested after his gun accidently fired as he was loading it.

I decided to see if I could find out more about Ralph.

On April 22 Ralph Lang, age 63, lost his mother. Rev. Charles Stoetzel who officiated at the funeral of Ralph’s mother, is the pastor of St. John the Baptist Church in Marshfield. The same Church which recently ran this drivel on its website:
“A woman on the pill … gives the impression that she is receiving her husband fully in the marital embrace, while, in fact, she is shutting down her own fertility in order to ward off his fruitfulness. On a deep level, she is rejecting his life-giving masculinity…”
Yep, that would drive a person crazy.
The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign records that in 2000 he gave $200 to the MaryAnn Lippert. According to Wikipedia, Mary Ann Lippert “is a Wisconsin health educator, health administrator, amd (SIC) Republican politician who served one term as a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly. She is currently executive assistant to the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.”
But you may remember MaryAnn as one of Walker’s education advisors in favor of lifting the cap on virtual charter schools and expanding the voucher program statewide. But foolish choices do not a murderer make.