Various-Mostly on Scott Walker and Abortion

Update on Cheddarcast #2: I think I was just too rambling on that. It’s quite a challenge to put in minimal effort and still churn out decent video.

It might be great fun to just make propagandist ads.

For example, what if that ominous ad voice said
“Tom Barrett defends women.
Conservatives stomp women.”

“Tom Barrett defended a grandmother against a man wielding a tire iron, risking his own life.
But conservatives….
Conservatives stomp women.”
[roll the footage of the Kentucky stomp]

[yup. now roll that slower…slower….close-in on the stomp….]

“Conservatives. ”

[add some reverb]


[and show a slow-mo of the wig twirling and hitting the sidewalk.]

But in all seriousness, though it may be quite irrelevant to how a person conducts himself in public office, I felt really proud of Tom Barrett when he put himself at risk defending a woman in Milwaukee. Surely a savvy advertising exec could have rolled the Kentucky stomp, Barrett’s protective act, and Barrett’s pro-choice politics into something that resonates.

Here’s his real ad called “Stand Up” describing Tom’s protective role in the altercation.

And here’s a Huffington Post article with video

As for the Kentucky stomping, I wanted Rand Paul to give a moving apology, which he did not. And I read that Tim Proffit demanded an apology from the protester he did tread upon.

Kentucky stomp of protestor footage at DailyKos.

Stomper Tim Proffit refuses to apologize and demands apology for himself instead.

WISN.COM reported on this “controversial ad” in the Barrett/Walker race for governor of Wisconsin. Which I can not find in its original format for some reason. The father of a rape victim says “Who is Scott Walker to play God with my family.” – this uttered in response to Walker’s stand that abortion is not an option even in the case of rape.

With that, time’s up. More links are below: sponsored this ad on Walker’s extremely conservative stance on abortion, contraception, and embryonic stem cell research. Oh, and he’s anti-Badgercare.

Jack Craver AKA “The Sconz” of Isthmus scratches head over blase Democratic response to Walker’s virulent anti-abortion position.

Faithful Progressive and great IVF post.

Women for Walker. Seriously???

WI Court upholds discipline of pharmacist

TIME story on the contraceptive-withholding pharmacist Neil Noesen.