Tomorrow’s April 5 vote in Wisconsin. Voting basics and endorsements!

Some basics on voting and my endorsements.

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Grab bag of solidarity, cooperatives, and the CLAP.

Madison housing cooperatives face threat. Mayor Dave?

A familiar symbol of the co-operative is that of the encircled Twin Pines. The symbol was adopted in 1922 by the Co-operative League of the USA, as the National Co-operative Business Association was then known, as a universal co-operative emblem.  The co-operative emblem displays Twin Pines encircled because the pine tree is an ancient symbol of life and the circle has the endless quality of eternity. Two pines are shown to emphasize the mutual nature of co-operation. The trees and the circle are dark green, which is the colour of chlorophyll, the life principle in nature. The colour within the circle is golden yellow, typifying the sun, the giver of light and lifeThis Tuesday night March 29 at 6:30pm Alder Marsha Rummel will introduce a measure to prevent city zoning from removing “co-op friendly” provisions in city code [the agenda].

April 5th we have a mayoral election. Madison is home to at least 11 cooperative housing sites some of which date back to 1968, I know we have more in the woodwork, and we have a locally beloved & nationally known food coop which recently expanded into Middleton. When Willy St Co-op wanted to raise $600,000 in 60 days—they raised it in 21. Madison and cooperatives are BFF.

Mayor Dave, although I don’t see evidence of it on Soglin’s Waxing America, at least one local labor/co-op blogger I spoke with believes Hizzoner’s been promoting co-ops for months. Candidate Soglin spoke at the Saturday rally for co-ops and workers at the Capitol.

So I’m scratching my head wondering if you’re letting Soglin have what amounts to a  gimme, or you’ve been informed you must slight the co-ops if you want to snuggle up with that Madison Isthmus biz blok ….    From this angle, I don’t see why you can’t have your cooperatively baked cake and eat it too.

“One Issue Doesn’t add up”  Kloppenburg endorsed by the Appleton Post-Crescent

Justice David Prosser has a past as a legislator. Now his days breaking Continue reading