VICTORY! Legislature’s Website Modified!

This is a quick follow up to a story I posted yesterday. The Wisconsin legislature had recently changed their website to show the wrong representatives on their “Who Represents Me?” feature.

A query would display results as if new redistricting laws had already taken effect, describing a constituent’s future representatives as “current” representatives and labeling the current representatives as “previous.”

Many citizens, especially those involved in recalling Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, were convinced that the change was made to intentionally confuse potential recall petition signers.

Thanks to one day of numerous complaints from citizens and a bit of media attention, the legislature changed the search results display. Using my address as a sample, here is what it looked like yesterday morning…

…and here’s what it looked like late yesterday:

I was so amused by the responses I got from the Government Accountability Board (GAB) yesterday that I posted their emails on Daily Kos, if you need a laugh.

While the new display is still not ideal, it is at least technically accurate. One thing that is not spelled out is that for purposes of recalls, the district lines from 2002 apply. The GAB is firm on that point (although the Republican legislative leaders are trying to get a court to change that, naturally.)