“…I’m more energized now than I’ve ever been to help make this country what it once was”

Below the videos is a guest post from a man known as @micwazoo on twitter. We all make fun of how addictive twitter can be or time-wasting. True enough. But twitter has also helped me meet strong, opinionated and caring people from all over Wisconsin, like @micwazoo.

He refers to Tony Schultz. Tony is a farmer who delivered a speech in Madison in March 12 that went viral:

And Tony Schultz gave a speech in Chippewa Falls at Fighting Bob Fest North:

My Fighting Bobfest Experience, @micwazoo

A week ago I attended the Fighting Bobfest North in Chippewa Falls, and I’m sure glad I made the trip. It was great to see so many people who, like myself, are sick and tired of big corporations dictating how my life should be. The speakers were all great, and very inciteful.

I was really moved by Tony Schultz. Not only did this young man give a very heartfelt speech, but he showed a passion for his livelihood very few people his age have. It was very refreshing to see someone so young, so involved. I noticed quite a few younger people there, and it gave me hope that together, we can get things turned around. It’s going to take all age groups, and we had that mix at Saturday’s event.

It sure was nice to see so many people who feel like I do. Fed up with the way things are going for the middle class. Sick and tired of watching Corporate America and the religious right forcing their agenda’s down our throats through buying politicians. At times it seem’s so overwhelming when trying to figure out which battle to address, but I feel like I’m not alone, and that makes it all seem worthwhile.

I grew up during the 60’s and 70’s and have always been one to not settle for the way things are, knowing that they can always be better. I remember the anger I felt watching the racial issues of the 60’s. And how important Earth Day was for me. I remember working odd jobs in the neighborhood to be able to afford a POW bracelet. And how I detested how the soldiers who faught in Vietnam were treated when they came home.

Between the protests I’ve attended, and Saturday’s event, I’m more energized now than I’ve ever been to help make this country what it once was. A country where neighbor helped neighbor. Where hard work meant you would be rewarded well. Where corporations looked at their employees as their biggest asset. Where dreams were attainable.

I look forward to working with some of the fine people I met on Saturday, and look forward to being a part of the change to a better Wisconsin, and moving towards a better America.”