Senator Randy Hopper Angers Fond du Lac Crowd By Not Answering Questions

Hopper: “If (you) want to clap, we will let you finish clapping,” Hopper said. “If you want to scream ‘shame,’ we’ll let you scream ‘shame.’”

A short “shame” chant then broke out

from the northwestern: “Several people in a crowd of about 200 displayed anger and dismay Monday night when state Sen. Randy Hopper, R-Fond du Lac, said a listening session would not involve answers from him.

Citizens filed into the Prairie Theater at UW-Fond du Lac, 400 University Drive, with concerns about loss of collective bargaining; signs supporting Hopper’s apparent Democratic opponent in a recall election, Jessica King; and worries about the educational system in Fond du Lac.

Hopper began the session by criticizing media for presenting the proposed budget as already being enacted, noting changes can be made with the input of citizens.

Michael Hochrein, a recreational supervisor at Taycheedah Correctional Institution (TCI) and the first person to speak, asked why Hopper would support removing collective bargaining rights from correctional officers.

When Hochrein finished, there were yells from the crowd demanding that Hopper address the question.

“I’m not going to be commenting and we’re not going to take questions,” Hopper said. “I’m here to listen to you today.”   Hopper’s announcement was met with shouts of “Shame,” “You’ve never answered anything,” “You’re out of here” and “What the hell is the point of this?”

…“If (you) want to clap, we will let you finish clapping,” Hopper said. “If you want to scream ‘shame,’ we’ll let you scream ‘shame.’”

A short “shame” chant then broke out….”  Read more HERE

Wisconsin areas ran out of ballots. But there are touchscreens and voters in line by 8PM have a right to vote.

Ballot Shortages. It’s a big deal? Maybe not.

Ballots ran out in Madison, Appleton, Fond du Lac

“Now ballot shortages announced in Madison, Appleton, and Fond du Lac. …

#wivote”  – from @PhilipStl and CdLune

Claire deLune

Once a voter is in line, assuming it is before 8pm, that voter must be given a ballot.
Of course the voters have to wait around a little more… See #7 at this G.A.B. list of 10 things for voters to know.

Touchscreens Are at work in Vilas County
“The town of Arbor Vitae in Vilas County has run out of ballots, but the county clerk says voters have been able to continue voting by a touch screen machine…” -County Clerk Dave Alleman  Source 

Alleman adds – “Had we known that the Supreme Court race was going to be a referendum on Scott Walker, we probably would have ordered a lot more ballots,” Alleman said.”

Huh. I’d say, how do you not know that this is a
referendum on Scott Walker?

Possible legal challenge to keep polls open 1 extra hour?
Not too sure if there’s anything solid here, but this is a tweet I noted: “@slouch2geneva to be clear, Dems are trying to mount a legal challenge to keep polls open till 9. no word on if that will happen”


Unclear to me Exactly what Oshkosh & Fond du Lac’s High Turnout Means

I would like to say it is expected from the home of Wisconsin’s most controversial senator–(Hopper having a girlfriend and apartment in Madison, under non-residency complaint, strong recall campaign, etc.)

But I acknowledge that this is historically a conservative area:

Feingold 12,834 Johnson 24,867 in 2010

Obama 23,463 to  McCain’s 28,164 in 2008

Kerry 36%  to Bush’s 63% in 2004

Doyle 33% to McCallum’s 56% in 2002

Wisconsin’s Recall-ready Senator Hopper: Clean affair, dirty government.

Dirty dancing is fine. Dirty government, not so much. (Finally, an excuse for a Patrick Swayze photo on my blog.)

Thanks Senator Hopper for making this easy for us and having an affair.

To be perfectly clear,  Senator Hopper, I do not care if you’re sleeping with a 25-year-old that is not your wife.   In fact, I find it fairly dull that we only have it on the word of your wife that you are having sex with this woman. Where’s the steamy evidence? We have no Lewinsky-esque dress, no sex tape… And as for the younger woman thing:  meh. I would have preferred you selected a same-sex partner and really given the Republicans something to cringe over.

You don’t satisfy my prurient interests and I find your relationships dull. But I admit, Continue reading

What’s next? Wisconsin high-speed rail updates November 24

What next? Good question. Wisconsin had 7 pro-rail rallies Saturday and a Talgo vigil in Milwaukee last night. Meanwhile our Governor-Elect Walker has not budged. Here are 2 actions that take it local:

  1. Eau Claire City Council sent its own pro-rail message to Walker.
  2. Appleton public library is hosting a pro-train forum scheduled for December 2nd.

Plus these Wisconsin and Minnesota DOT “open houses” could easilyl turn into rallies for rail. Some of the linked dates take you to a Save the Train facebook events page:

November 29 in St. Paul, MN,

November 30 La Crosse

December 1 Eau Claire

December 2 Fond du Lac

December 6 in Rochester, MN

December 7 Madison

A case of the “shoulds”: Emily Mill shakes her finger at the factioned and  fractured Left. She says don’t boo at moderates who want to help and get your focus on.

Who will ride this train? People that already ride the Hiawatha from Chicago to Milwaukee, for one. That line has had an increase in ridership of 49 percent in the past 5 years.

Can you hear that whistle blow? Three radio rail conversations, here.  Robbie Webber was guest on the Monday November 21 edition of Pubic Affair plus, the chief organizer of the statewide rallies, Sierra Club’s Shahla Werner, is on that evening’s In Our Backyard. Both shows are archived with WORT-FM. And West Central Wisconsin Rail Coalition clued me in on a 1 hour WWIB broadcast held November 19th – directly linked at their blog.

Does this have legs? CNN Money says a Florida Democrat is “sponsoring a Holocaust Accountability and Corporate Responsibility Act that would prevent companies from bidding on high speed rail contracts if they participated in the Holocaust and haven’t resolved claims brought by victims and their families”. Which would include a couple of high speed rail companies.

And a sweet tweet: shevegasWisconsin Senator Petri flopped so hard on High Speed Rail he had to hurt something